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  1. One year later... Granny and the roaming!

    02/07/2013 Waching videos, checking mails, maps or updating social networks with your mobile operator while travelling across the EU will be 36% cheaper up of 1 July 2013. Data roaming will now be up to 91%. More information Telecoms and the Internet Audi ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 10:59

  2. Huge difference in phone call prices across the EU

    06/08/2013 Mobile users across the European Union face huge price differences for the same services. More information Telecoms and the Internet Telecoms Press Releases ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 10:59

  3. 2010 Interim Report on the state of development of roaming services within the EU

    29/06/2010 This interim report provides a general summary of the trends in roaming and an initial assessment of the progress towards achieving the objectives of the Amended Roaming Regulation adopted by the European Parliament and Council in June 2009. 20 ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 11:00

  4. Regulation (EC) No 717/2007

    27/06/2007 Regulation (EC) No 717/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 June 2007 on roaming on public mobile telephone networks within the Community and amending Directive 2002/21/EC More information Policy and legislation ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 11:00

  5. Commission Implementing Regulation No 1203/2012 on the separate sale of regulated retail roaming services within the Union.

    15/12/2012 The new Roaming Regulation introduced structural measures aiming at enhancing competition in the EU roaming market. Specifically, it introduced an obligation for operators to allow their customers, as of 1 July 2014, to purchase roaming as a se ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 11:01

  6. Study on Data Roaming Services

    24/06/2008 The Commission requested a study containing a factual description of the market for both wholesale and retail data roaming as part of its obligations under the Roaming Regulation. Study on Data Roaming Services Reports and studies ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 11:01

  7. The Digitisation of our Economies

    16/05/2013 Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda 11th European Business Summit, Brussels More information Public Services Trust & Reliance Telecoms and the Internet Telecoms Cloud Computing Speech ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 13:17

  8. A vision for Europe

    22/01/2014 Speech by Neelie KROES at the World Economic Forum in Davos More information Pillar I: Digital Single Market Trust & Security Speech ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 14:40

  9. e-Communications Household Survey and Telecom Single Market Survey Roaming Results (Special Eurobarometer 414)

    14/02/2014 e-Communications Household Survey and Telecom Single Market Survey Roaming Results (Special Eurobarometer 414) Telecoms and the Internet Telecoms Reports and studies ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 14:40

  10. Roaming: 300 million extra customers for telecoms companies when roaming charges end, survey shows

    17/02/2014 94% of Europeans who travel outside their home country limit their use of services like Facebook, because of mobile roaming charges, according to a new survey of 28,000 EU citizens. The European Commission calculates that telecoms companies are ...

    - 05/09/2014 - 14:40