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Protection of film heritage

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The European Commission encourages its member countries to cooperate in conserving and safeguarding cultural heritage of European significance – including cinema. The Recommendation
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Recommendation of the EU

The Recommendation to Member States on film heritage calls for Europe's film heritage to be methodically collected, catalogued, preserved and restored so that it can be passed on to future generations. EU countries are asked to inform the Commission every two years of what they have done in this connection.

The  First Implementation Report was published in August 2008, the Second one in July 2010 and the Third one in December 2012

 The Commission is currently working on the Fourth Implementation Report.  A questionnaire was sent to Member States authorities at the end of September 2013, their replies are available here.


The European Commission:

  • assists directly in efforts to protect film heritage, by periodically organizing meetings of the Cinema Expert Group, where experts from all film archives in the Europe exchange best practices and look for common solutions to their problems;
  • promotes European standardisation to achieve interoperability among film databases and catalogues in Europe;
  • supports the negotiations between film producers worldwide, represented by FIAPF, and European film archives, represented by ACE, of a framework agreement setting out arrangements for voluntary deposit of film and film materials in European archives.
    See the framework agreement cinema


The Commission financed a Study on a digital agenda for film heritage institutions. It was published in 2012. The conclusions and recommendations of this study are an important input for a new instrument on film in the digital era, currently in preparation.

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