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Projects in Italy

The European market is characterised by low transparency and complexities leading to sub-optimal business plans and under-exploitation of capital for eContent ventures. The quality of European busines
Over the last decade, the use of combined geographic and traffic digital content has gained an ever-increasing importance. Given the improvement of available IT solutions and Internet applications, ge
Medical imaging is becoming one of the leading healthcare sectors, gaining a central role in the medical domain. However, despite strong ICT advances in radiology, medical imaging has not yet experien
ALTAIR assessed the feasibility of developing a multilingual application for online ticketing which provides cross-border public sector transport information to mobile travellers and tourists. The pro
The @RETE Demonstration Project aimed at providing personalised tourist services for European citizens and businesses, leveraging on one side on unexploited high-quality public sector information (PSI
The EUSODA EUropean SOcial DAtabase consists of the multilingual EUSODA Portal and local EUSODA databases. It provides private and professional clients and organisations with information about service
TNT intended to develop a sizeable demonstration project on the trading of on-line cultural content. Its solution is based on a specific concept of a trusted value-added network, which includes public
KOM2002 demonstrated the use of tools for distributed, multilingual content production, developed by one of the partners in a previous EU-funded project. The central properties of these tools are: Ev
EuroTesting served to develop a multilingual platform for delivering tests through the Internet to ensure a wider European presence in the field of psychological testing. The platform was implemented