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Projects in France

eMeteoSrv was a feasibility study conducted under Action Line 1.1 of the eContent programme. The ultimate outcome of the project was the business plan for implementation and deployment of advanced Int
The eContent project PEMTE has provided on-line localised e-learning material about micro-finance in two languages (Russian and Serbian). Developing an original Pedagogical Environment for Multicultur
LIRICS addresses the needs of today's information and communication society where globalisation and localization necessitate multilingual communication creating an increasing need for new standardizat
Music is one of the best ways for young children to discover foreign cultures and languages. In this context Europe has a rich and creative production of children's music, ranging from traditional rep
The aim of the project is to develop a multilingual infrastructure enabling content producers to access, search, and integrate the assets of large multilingual text (and multimedia) collections, such
The definition phase project Camptocamp highlighted a certain number of technological innovations in the management of multilingual and multicultural contents online and aimed to lead a valorisation o
The INTERA project aimed firstly to build an integrated European language resource area by connecting international, national and regional data centres, and secondly to produce new multilingual langua
The general aim of the FUNSIEC project was to study the feasibility of building and maintaining an Open Semantic Infrastructure for the European Construction Sector (OSIECS) at a technical, organisati
Access to patent information and protection of industrial property are two key issues in the innovation process to gain market share. With its diversity of systems and languages, Europe lags behind it
VIAL provides companies and SMEs in the agrifood sector with a transnational and multilingual service of technological and economic intelligence. This high added-value information was obtained by expl