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CAPS examples

Projects and initiatives addressing societal problems through network effect, in line with “Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation”:

Driving sustainable behaviours and lifestyles by creating awareness about sutainability impacts of consumers' choice, e.g. as for energy, environment or health

Supporting more efficient and worldwide-scale Collaborative Consumption: lending, exchange, swapping and bartering made to operate at scale, across geographic boundaries

Getting facts/evidence from citizens for better decision making (at personal or institutional levels)

Using collective awareness of environmental and social situations to drive better policies or to create new models for economy, society and democracy

Developing alternative collaborative approaches to problem solving, to improve public services, urban environments, democracy, Internet, based on open data

Connecting citizens, doing things together, mindfully of privacy and inclusion needs

Related initiatives providing key technology elements ensuring free access and connecting people

Studies/Conferences/Think-Tanks on ICT and Sustainability

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