Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Progress by pillar

The Digital Agenda's actions are grouped in seven thematic "pillars". You can choose the policy area you are interested in to find out more about progress made.
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Also have a look at the seven new digital priorities adopted in December 2012, our digital to-do list.

Too many barriers still block the free flow of online services and entertainment across national borders.... (read more)

The internet is a great example of interoperability – numerous devices and applications working together anywhere in the world. (read more)

Security concerns remain of utmost importance for EU Internet users. (read more)

New services such as high definition television or videoconferencing need much faster internet access than generally available in Europe. (read more)

To attract Europe's best minds to research, world class infrastructure and adequate funding are crucial. (read more)

In 2010 over 50% of Europeans used the internet daily – but 30% have never used it at all! (read more)

Digital technologies have enormous potential to benefit our everyday lives and tackle social challenges. (read more)