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Completed Projects

ECOSYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY and DESIGN for NANOELECTRONICS. NANO-TEC seeks to build a community of academic researchers in nanoelectronics, addressing specifically research in Beyond CMOS from the combined technology and design perspectives. A methodology
European Doctoral Training Support in Micro/Nano-electronics. This support action, EURO-DOTS, is aimed primarily at improving the offering and the quality of training proposed to European PhD students. It helps fulfilling the requirements for ECTS
Silicon-based nanostructures and nanodevices for long term nanoelectronics applications. NANOSIL Network of Excellence aims to integrate at the European level the excellent European research laboratories and capabilities in order to strengthen
Carbon nanotubes for interconnects and switches. VIACARBON aims to develop carbon nanotubes for vertical and horizontal interconnects for CMOS nodes of 22nm and beyond, and for NEMS RF switches. Carbon nanotubes are universally proposed as
Beyond CMOS Nano-devices for Adding Functionalities to CMOS. The NANOFUNCTION Network of Excellence aims to integrate at the European level the excellent European research laboratories in order to strengthen scientific and technological excellence in
Skill-based Inspection and Assembly for Reconfigurable Automation Systems. Motivation: Today, large-scale manufacturing facilities are characterized by a high degree of automation whereas the reconfiguration of these complex production processes is
System for mobile maintenance accessible in real time. The aim of the project "System for Mobile Maintenance and Accessible in Real-Time" - SMMART - is to enhance European leadership in product engineering, manufacturing and maintenance system
Flexible Change Management for the Factory of the Future. In the today's increasingly uncertain environment, production managers need new methods and tools to support them on decisions about planning, monitoring and changing a production system. The
Providing Real Integration in Multi-disciplinary Environments. The main objective of the PRIME project is to give business professionals a learning environment where they can experiment with new ideas and learn how to handle the entire life cycle of
Revolution in Industrial Environment: Ambient Intelligence Technology for Systemic Innovation in Manufacturing SMEs. The project aims at proposing a new, revolutionary scheme for systemic innovation of industrial working environments in SMEs by