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The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs acknowledges that the ICT skills gap cannot be fixed without collective action. People are encouraged to take action if they see others doing it. Over the past months we invited stakeholders to make pledges, committing to something that can address the ICT skills gap. This could be new actions, opening up existing schemes or collaborating with other stakeholders by adding new initiatives. So far we have received more than 45 pledges.

We welcome new pledges. If you wish to submit a new pledge, please complete the Grand Coalition Pledge Template and send it to

How are we doing?

The online Pledge Tracker shows the progress made in actually carrying out the individual Grand Coalition pledges.

Note: the information is provided by the pledging organizations themselves and presents only their activity directly linked to the Grand Coalition.

Upcoming events

Latest events

  • On 6 May 2014 the e-Skills for Jobs 2014 Grand Event took place in Athens. The Greek Coalition for the Digital Economy was officially launched.
  • On 5 May 2014 a workshop with Grand Coalition pledging organizations took place in Athens.
  • On 19 March 2014 Digital Champions came together with the leaders of National Coalitions for Digital Jobs and other initiatives at a workshop in Brussels. They discussed challenges and opportunities for national coalitions, shared best practice and made proposals on how to best structure and support these national initiatives.
  • On 13 March 2014 various companies met with EC officials in Brussles to follow-up on the Davos meeting and agree on specific Grand Coalition actions
  • On 24 January 2014 European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Vice President Neelie Kroes met with CEOs from across the global economy at the World Economic Forum in Davos
  • The e-Skills Conference 2013 took place on 10 December in Brussels. The presentations of this conference are available here.