Digital Agenda for Europe
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Action 59: Prioritise digital literacy and skills in the 'New skills for jobs' flagship

Make digital literacy and skills a priority of the "New skills for new jobs" Flagship to be launched in 2010, including the launch of a multi-stakeholder sectoral council for ICT skills and employment to address demand and supply aspects.
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What is the problem ? A changing labour market

With the European labour market radically changing it is clear that new skills will be needed for the jobs of tomorrow. Shortages of adequate skills in some sectors or occupations already co-exist with unemployment across the EU.

Why is EU action needed ? IT training is crucial

All EU people must have access to IT training as acquiring digital skills can help people in getting new employment opportunities.

What has the Commission done?

The 'New skills for new jobs' flagship was adopted in November 2010 making digital literacy and skills a priority.



Progress Report
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