Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Action 47: Member States to facilitate broadband investment

Member States should take measures, including legal provisions, to facilitate broadband investment. The measures should ensure the availability of spectrum resources. They should also make sure that civil engineering works systematically involve potential investors, clear rights of way, map available passive infrastructure suitable for cabling and upgrade in-building wiring.
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What is the problem? Poor coordination increases the cost of broadband deployment

Today, high cost is the main obstacle to the speedy roll-out of fibre optic networks. Civil engineering costs represent 80% of the total expense to deploy new fixed infrastructures. These costs, along with heavy administrative burdens, could be significantly reduced through proper coordination by national and local authorities.

Why is EU action required? To ensure better coordination

Only a coordinated approach will help the EU to achieve a full coverage of high-speed internet connection.

What are the Commission's plans?

To seek support of the MS for the adoption of legislation in the pipeline and seek effective and harmonised implementation of the adopted measures



Progress Report
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