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Future consultations - express your interest

Public consultation on the review of the scope of universal service
This consultation is coming up in Q4 2014.
Contact us for details Unit B2 'Regulatory Coordination & Users'
Targeted consultation on the priorities for the work programme 2016–17: partnership board meeting of the public-private partnership in robotics
This consultation will open in Q3 2014.
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Public consultation on the priorities of the data public-private partnership
This consultation is foreseen for Q3-Q4 2014.
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Harmonisation of the 2 GHz frequency band
Public consultation in Q4 2014 on an Implementing Decision for the harmonisation of the unpaired terrestrial 2 GHz frequency band for all interested parties.
Express your interest if you'd like to be consulted.
Targeted consultation for execution of the electronics leaders group implementation plan
This consultation is planned to open in Q4 2014.
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Public consultation on a green paper on trust and growth in cloud computing in Europe
This consultation is foreseen for Q1 2015. (To be confirmed)
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The web page Your Voice in Europe sets out all consultations currently underway across the Commission.