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Non-legislative measures to facilitate re-use

The European Commission works to overcome the barriers limiting the re-use of public sector information also through non-legislative measures.
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In addition to EU legislation, the Commission also:

  • engages with Member States experts in the Public Sector Information expert group (PSI Group);
  • funds an Open Data incubator assisting small and medium-sized entreprises in building sustainable business ideas on the basis of Open Data;
  • funds the ePSIplatform, a comprehensive web platform with news on European PSI developments, good practices, examples of new products, services, and legal cases around PSI re-use;
  • funded the Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information (LAPSI) - thematic network of lawyers specialising on PSI re-use, including academics and practitioners; find the full collection of their deliverables on this page;
  • commissioned studies on the following issues:
  • developed an Open Data Portal for its own documents and a pan-European digital service infrastructure aggregating content of existing open data portals inside the EU. Find more information;
  • contributed to the G8 process on opening up government information, also for re-use, leading to the adoption of a G8 Open Data Charter. Read how the EU intends to implement the principles of the G8 Open Data Charter.
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