Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

CAPS Info Day Paris

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At this information and network event, you can get information on the modalities of the call on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS). You'll have the possibility to meet potential project partners and pitch your ideas.

ClouT video: The Cloud of Things

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How ClouT can help smart cities to provide responsive services to improve the quality of life of their citizens?

Photonics Newsletter

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The Photonics Newsletter will update you about highlights in the field, upcoming calls, ongoing projects and additional activities or events.

m-RESIST: The first EU mHealth project for patients with treatment-resistant schizophrenia

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With a €4 Million budget, the m-RESIST Project (Mobile Therapeutic Attention for Patients with Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia) aims to develop a therapeutic program that draws on the support of mobile devices and actively involves patients with treatment-resistant schizophrenia. This will make them capable of self-managing their illness, as well as support their carers.

DIADEMS – finding the sensor behind the sparkle

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Diamonds – highly desirable lumps of carbon. But while their use to jewellers is well known, their hidden secrets are being revealed by the DIADEMS project. By modifying the structure of a diamond crystal, the project creates a new material that could be used in applications, from the creation of smart medicines to the next generation computers. The EU project is helping Europe stay at the forefront of research into atomic scale sensors.

Childrens' engagement with digital technologies - Better Internet for Kids evidence base

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Children between zero and eight have limited or no perception of online risk. Parents seem still to have little knowledge of the actual digital activities of their children and moreover some parents seem to underestimate the risks of the use of technology by their children. The authors of the study recommend addressing industries and public services on the development of content and services that empower children by design and support children's right online.

Swiss Thematic Workshop: The Internet of Things - A New Chance for Europe (by invitation only)

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SwissCore, the contact office connecting Switzerland and Europe in research, innovation and education in Brusselsin Brussels, is organising a roundtable on "the Internet of Things - A New Chance for Europe". Keynote speaker is Dirk Helbing, Professor of Computational social Science at ETH Zürich.

Smart Homecare: investing in skills and service delivery

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This conference brings together experts and decision-makers, practitioners and policy-makers to talk about digital competence development in the field of care and social care. It will be a one day free and open event with online registration.

Falls festival: Technology in the prediction, detection and prevention of falls

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The Falls Festival brings together leading academics, researchers, health care practitioners, clinicians, industry representatives and key stakeholders from across the globe to celebrate best practice research and innovation in the multidisciplinary study and implementation of falls prevention in older people.

Vice-President Ansip and Commissioner Jourová: Concluding the EU Data Protection Reform is essential for the Digital Single Market

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Today marks the 9th European Data Protection Day. It is a day to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of protecting personal data, a fundamental right for everyone in the EU. On this day, citizens and businesses are waiting for the modernisation of data protection rules to catch up with the digital age