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About the Open Internet

Over the past 20 years, the Internet connectivity market has grown at an exceptional pace.

Telecoms & Internet

EU action on telecoms and the internet is a full part of the Digital Agenda, including:

Emerging Technologies

Whereas most Digital Agenda-oriented research carried out by the EU is focused on meeting the specific needs of industry and society, Europe cannot afford to not invest in longer-term research, as


The million industrial robots worldwide do not only assist or even replace people performing repetitive, dangerous or tiring tasks - they have also, according to

Web & Business

Running an online business is an increasingly attractive alternative to an office job, particularly for a new generation of young entrepreneurs.

Components & Systems

Did you ever wonder how it is possible that your phone allows you to take and exchange pictures or videos, find your way in unknown cities, read and write emails everywhere, listen to your fav

Language Technologies

Unsurprisingly, people prefer to use the Internet in their own language - a 2011 Eurobameter polls (User language preferences online,

About Telecoms

In recent decades, EU action for telecommunications has led to greater consumer choice, falling call costs, and higher standards of service, through:

    Software & Services

    The Internet of Services promises a future in which software - and the tools to develop it - are always accessible, whether locally stored on your own device, in the cloud, or coming in real time f

    About Trust and Security

    Web-based attacks in the EU and around the world increased by 36% during 2011.


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