Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

How will life be if everyone was to wear a body camera?

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Now that the use of portable and surveillance cameras is normalized, the development of body cameras is coming into place. With potential impact in different fields from medicine to security, research indicates that they do have an effect on the behaviour of those wearing it. Are human beings ready to assess these implications?

mHealth in Europe: Preparing the ground – consultation results published

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Privacy and security, patient safety, a clear legal framework and better evidence on cost-effectiveness are all required to help mobile Health care (“mHealth”) flourish in Europe, according to the responses to a European Commission public consultation.

Summary Report on the Public Consultation on the Green Paper on Mobile Health

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This summary report is an overview of the views and actions suggested by stakeholders in the course of a European Commission public consultation on mobile health (mHealth).

Commission seeks views on spectrum use for wireless broadband

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The European Commission is launching a public consultation on how to use the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) spectrum (the 700 Megahertz (MHz) band) most effectively in the coming decades. The Commission is seeking views on the options proposed by Pascal Lamy, in September 2014

Public consultation on the Lamy Report: the future use of the UHF TV broadcasting band

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The European Commission is collecting views on the Lamy Report's strategic recommendations on a long-term policy strategy for the future use of the UHF band (470-790 MHz). It wishes to take a position on how these recommendations should be followed up.

Reporting 2025 Project

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A new project has been established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in conjunction with global sponsors SAP, Boston College – Center for Corporate Citizenship and Enel to discover what the main issues will be in companies' agendas – and consequently in their public reports – 10 years from now.

Mainstreaming medical apps

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This conference will focus on the critical aspects of mainstreaming medical apps, in particular the various UK and EU regulatory issues that need managing in order to enable apps to be recommended or prescribed with confidence by clinicians. Other topics: 'Bad apps' and how to avoid them, ground-breaking medical apps, and the use of electronic games to promote health and wellbeing.

Study: Can online information influence patients' choice for cross-border healthcare?

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This study looks at the impact of online information on patients and their decision to whether or not seek healthcare abroad.

Digital Health Assembly: Open Innovation 2015

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This conference gathers eHealth professionals from around the world to unite in a common goal – to accelerate developments in Digital Health through Open Innovation.

H2020 Call 2 - Photonics and Cross-cutting ICT KETs- Information for Proposers

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This page provides supplementary information for proposers interested in the Photonics and Cross-cutting ICT KETs topics of the H2020-ICT-2015 call.