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Fusing far-infrared and near-infrared imaging for pedestrian injury mitigation. Road accidents involving pedestrians are far more frequent at night than during the day. More than 12000 pedestrians and cyclists are killed and almost 300000 are
Road map for radical innovations in European transport services. ROADIDEA argues that effective accessibility to all kinds of useful background information combined with advanced data fusion methods and technological information platforms with high
Integrated Enabling Technologies for Efficient Electrical Personal Mobility. The P-MOB project is aiming at breaking the link between the growth in transport capacity and increased fatalities, congestion and pollution. Transport is responsible for
Global System for Telematics enabling On-line Safety Services. During the last decade, advances in communication technology and on-board vehicle electronics have set the stage for a giant leap forward in the history of the automobile, namely the
Adaptive integrated driver-vehicle interface. Today, a wide range of new in-vehicle technologies are being introduced on the market, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and In-vehicle Information Systems (IVIS). Moreover, the