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Research Projects

The European Commission supports research in the field of Cybersecurity and Online Privacy in a number of ways.

Until the end of 2013, the objectives are addressed in two streams:

From 2014 onwards, Horizon 2020 will be the comprehensive framework for Research, Development and Innovation in the field of Cybersecurity and Online Privacy.

EU research funds in the field amount to ca. 350 MEuro under FP7 and CIP, while a higher amount is expected to be approved for relevant research under the Societal Challenges and LEIT Pillars of Horizon 2020.

With this research, the Commission wants to develop trustworthy ICT solutions ensuring a secure and reliable digital environment in Europe. This research addresses security, trust and privacy coherently from all perspectives (technological, economic, legal, social), enabling us to promote innovation and economic growth in the EU, while protecting Europe's society, economy, assets and fundamental rights.

Research priorities in FP7 address current ICT security challenges, like. trustworthy network and service infrastructures, user-centric identity and privacy management and technologies for secure software development, trusted computing, cryptology and advanced biometrics.

Support to interoperability and standardisation is given when appropriate, to strengthen the societal impact of the technology results. Particular attention is paid to the horizontal aspects of trust and security in ICT, by emphasising multidisciplinary research and the relevance of aspects like usability, societal acceptance and economic and legal viability of the research results.

For more information about current research, please refer to the Brochure on ICT Trust & Security Research in FP7 and to Cordis.

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Security for Future Networks. The goal of the SecFuNet project is to design and develop a coherent security architecture for virtual networks and cloud accesses. The proposed architecture will provide solutions allowing the management of the security

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