Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


As a follow up to the Green Paper on mobile health, the European Commission has envisaged to engage with the stakeholders to work on the follow-up actions building on the results of the public consultation. Read more
Mobile data traffic is expected to grow hundred- or thousand-fold by 2020, when the new 5G telecoms standards are due to enter the market. As the race is on to come up with new solutions for telecoms networks to accommodate this massive growth, one EU research project has already developed an ultra-fast solution using optical transmission technology. Read more
Questions and answers on the public consultation on the Audiovisual Media landscape in Europe Read more
Time for Spring Cleaning at the Library! Read more
The submarine optical fibre cable between Europe and Latin America will link Lisbon (Portugal) with Fortaleza (Brazil). This initiative will bring the 2 continents closer and boost education, research and innovation as well as business exchanges. It should reduce connection costs and provide many more households, organisations and companies with a very high-speed Internet connection. A EULALINK Joint Venture agreement between the two consortium partners, Telebras of Brazil and Islalink of Spain, has just been signed. Read more
From 02/07/2015 to 30/07/2015
The European Commission launched a call for tenders for a framework contract for the provision of evaluation and impact assessment services to DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology in the areas of spectrum policy, regulation of electronic communications networks and services as well as audiovisual and media policies. Read more
This requires investment in ICT infrastructures such as cloud computing and Big Data; research and innovation to boost industrial competiveness; and an inclusive society, with better public services and better digital skills for citizens. Read more
Innovators need the right conditions for their new products. They require high-speed, secure and trustworthy infrastructure, supported by the right regulatory conditions for investment, fair competition and a level playing field. Read more
Consumers want to access digital goods and services across borders. Business would profit more. Facilitating this transaction is one of the objectives of the Digital Single Market Commission proposal. A truly Single Market exists in the physical world but not yet in the digital world. Let's make it happen! Read more
Avenue de Beaulieu 25, Brussels, Belgium
This workshop on alternative finance aims to understand the platforms operating specifically in research, innovation and cultural sectors. Participants will take a look at their state of play and will exchange views on possible EU action. The workshop will gather crowdfunding platforms, entrepreneurs, philanthropic foundations and policy makers. The event is organised by the European Commission (DG CONNECT and DG RTD). Read more