Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


The European Commission has opened an investigation over the German telecoms regulator pricing of fixed termination rates (FTRs). Read more
From 12/03/2015 to 13/03/2015
Barcelona, Spain
The International Workshop on Organic and Graphene ELECtronics and SPINtronics will focus on the design and exploitation of organic- and graphene-based electronic and spintronic devices. Read more
At the start of its second year of operation, new partners join the Strategic Advisory Council and Executive Board, strengthening the industrial base of Europe’s Graphene Flagship. Read more
Hamburg, Informatikum, University of Hamburg, Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30, Gebäude F, Raum F-132
A workshop discussing the potential industrial usage of robots learning from experience has been organised by the EU-funded project RACE on the 12th November 2014 in Hamburg. A video-stream and live chat are also provided (see links below). Read more
Hotel Metropole, Brussels
Influence the future and grow as a result. The day showcases the latest thinking and business developments taking place across Europe from financial services to mobile technology and gives a view into the potential which is being unlocked through the identity solutions provided through the electronic identity provisions of the new eIDAS Regulation. Read more
Peter Arvai of Prezi, is European Web Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. Guillermo Garcia from Alumnis Young European Web Entrepreneur of the Year. The award for Gazelle High Growth Web Entrepreneur of the Year went to Javier de la Torre and Sergio Alvarez from CartoDB and Sylvia Klein from paij GmbH was is Female Web Entrepreneur of the Year. Read more
This document must ensure and support the implementation of the adjusted and upgraded National Strategy for Development of Broadband Access in Bulgaria in the years 2012-2015, which was developed in accordance with the guidelines set out in the recent European strategic documents. Read more
As a Member State of the European Union (EU), the Republic of Bulgaria needs to develop national strategic objectives that shall be consistent with the priorities and strategic objectives set out in the EU programme documents. In the field of information technologies, European programme documents that define the latest trends are the Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth ‘Europe 2020’, published in 2010, in particular one of the flagship initiatives set out in it ‐ Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) Read more
List of EC Mandates to CEPT Read more
The world’s most advanced bionic hand, providing a sense of touch acute enough to handle an egg, has been completed after 10 years of EU-funded research. Read more