Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


From 17/02/2005 to 18/02/2005
Rome, Italy
The objective of this workshop is to bring together practitioners, researchers, solution developers and policy makers to explore the potential for innovation and change in current work practices, to discuss new models for mobile and collaborative work, and to establish interfaces between the various research and innovation activities that are currently going on. In particular we will discuss current practice and future scenarios for new ways of working, address important societal and organizational challenges in creating systems change, propose and discuss new concepts for advanced workplaces including roadmaps for their implementation, and envisage innovative testing and validation environments including “living labs’. Read more
An industry agreement for introducing digital high-definition TV to Europe has been confirmed at workshop of European public and private broadcasters, manufacturers, infrastructure and service providers and national and European HDTV planning groups held by the European Commission in Brussels on 21 January. Read more
From 21/01/2005 to 25/02/2005
The objective of this tender is to establish a Framework Contract for Impact Analysis. This will allow the measurement and analysis of impacts of RTD projects in IST which are already completed, starting from FP5. The Call for Tender will be open until 25 February 2005. Read more
Recommendation on the provision of leased lines in the European Union (Part 1 - Major supply conditions for wholesale leased lines). C(2005) 103 final Read more
Report containing statistical information on this services group, composed of Post and courier activities and Telecommunications. Read more
From 27/06/2005 to 29/06/2005
Brest, France
The conference will bring together engineers and scientists in the emerging field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and topics not only in ITS but also in the wider field of radiocommunications will be presented, given the close link between the two. Conference sessions will include topics of transportation policy, economics and standards, as well as infrastructures, research results, technologies and applications. Technical exhibitions and demonstrations will be held at the congress center and technical visits will also be proposed. Read more
From 01/06/2005 to 03/06/2005
Hannover, Germany
The Congress topics will focus on complex transport networks and an interactive exhibition of 5000 m2 will showcase exciting ITS achievements in these areas. The Congress Programme will also be enriched with demonstrations organised on a newly built test track, which will show real applications at work. Read more
ARTEMIS - "Advanced Research and Technologies for Embedded Intelligence and Systems" brings together public and private stakeholders to establish a coherent integrated European research and development vision and strategy in the field of embedded computing systems. Read more
The European Commission has published an Action Plan on electronic public procurement to assist Member States in implementing the new Procurement Directives adopted in 2004. The objective is to enable any business with a PC and an internet connection to bid for public contracts electronically anywhere in the EU, based on clear conditions and procedures and with all the necessary security. The Directives provide for the first time a coherent EU framework for the transparent and non-discriminatory use of electronic means in public procurement, which will help make procurement more competitive and efficient. As public procurement accounts for over 16% of the EU economy, opening up procurement markets can significantly boost competitiveness and reduce government spending. Read more
Commitments given by the German Football League ("Ligaverband") regarding the central marketing of the media rights of the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga from now until June 2009 have been rendered legally binding by a formal decision adopted by the European Commission. This is the first ever so-called "commitment decision" under new procedures for the application of EU competition rules (Regulation (EC) 1/2003) that entered into effect on 1st May 2004. The commitments liberalise the central marketing arrangements and maximise the rights for television and new media (UMTS, Internet) available to football fans. Fans will also be able to enjoy new services, in particular for the new media, that the clubs can now develop. The Commission had been concerned that the exclusive selling of commercial broadcasting rights by the "Ligaverband" may have violated the EC Treaty's ban on cartels and restrictive business practices (Article 81) but has now closed the case in the light of the "Ligaverband" commitments. Read more