Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


From 09/06/2004 to 11/06/2004
Budapest, Hungary
Supported by the Hungarian Government and the European Commission, the IANIS Conference will debate issues of relevance to the regions, over the next five years or more, in the context of the information society and knowledge-based economy, the eEurope 2005 Action Plan, and the Lisbon Strategy. Presentations and debate will focus on both policy and practice. Read more
From 07/06/2004 to 09/06/2004
Brussels, Belgium
Launch event of the AMI@Work family of communities & the IST Strategic Objective "Applications and Services for the Mobile User and Worker" projects. The following community sessions are scheduled : Collaboration@Work - Knowledge@Work - Mobility@Work - SEEM@Work - Rural@Work - Product Life/Cycle Management@Work - Well-being Services@Work - Media@Work Read more
From 29/06/2004 to 30/06/2004
Dublin, Ireland
The follow-up to the European Charter for Small Enterprises has generated a valuable stock of good practices which help to improve the small business environment throughout Europe. Read more
Brussels, Belgium
Event jointly organised by the European Commission (DG Information Society) and the Japanese Ministry of Public management, Home Affairs, Posts & Telecommunications (MPHPT). It continues a series of co-operation initiatives in the framework of the Action Plan endorsed at the EU-Japan Summit in December 2001. These ICT symposiums offer a platform for policy makers, EU and MPHPT officials, industry executives, policy analysts and academics to share information on experiences, best practices on Information Society Policy and to discuss bilateral co-operation between Japan and the EU in the ICT sector.Participation is free of charge. Read more
Brussels, Belgium
FIRST - Film Restoration and Conservation Strategies – is a Project of the European Film Archives (ACE), supported by the European Commission, that has been focussing on the digitisation of movies with the aim of conserving the film patrimony and amplifying its diffusion. The goal of the Symposium is to promote the exchange of ideas, policy-matters and visions among the industry’s principal stakeholders and to present FIRST’s conclusions. The Symposium will cover issues related to Technological Transformation, New Distribution Opportunities, Better Access to Film Heritage, the Cultural Role of Europe, and Policy Perspectives on the Future. Read more
The European Commission has adopted a formal Decision that will bring on stream shortly new commitments by the US Government, guaranteeing protection in the US for the personal data of transatlantic air passengers. The Decision indicates that the Commission considers that the data on air passengers transferred to the US authorities enjoys the "adequate protection" required under the EU's data protection Directive for data sent to countries outside the EU. The commitments given by the US, negotiated over the past year by the Commission with the US Department of Homeland Security, means that less personal data from the Passenger Name Records (PNR) of airlines are collected by the US authorities, that these are kept for a much shorter period and that they are used for more limited purposes, notably for the shared objective of fighting against terrorism. The Decision will enter into force once the US has signed its undertakings and once the international agreement that will complement the adequacy Decision has been signed by the Council and the US. Read more
The deadline of the two calls for the IST 2004 conference and exhibition ideas has been extended from 17 May to 4 June 2004. IST is the annual "networking" event and showcase covering research and development in information society technologies (IST). It is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Dutch Presidency of the European Union and will take place in The Hague (Netherlands) from 15-17 November. Attendance is "a must" for researchers and industrialists planning to propose projects for the IST priority within the EU’s sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. The title of IST 2004 is : "Participate in your future", with "People" and "Economy" as the main themes. IST 2004 will include a conference, networking facilities, an exhibition of research results and the IST Prize Village. For more details on these calls and full information about the event, consult the IST 2004 conference web site. Read more
Background memo on the issues to be discussed, such as Competitiveness and Innovation and Better Regulation, a pro-active competition policy, a proposal for a Directive on the Patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions and the Future of EU research Read more
The European Commission adopted on 12 May an EU strategy to help Europe to become world leader in the rapidly developing field of nanotechnology the science of the infinitely small. Nanotech applications include atom-scale "nano-robots" that can be injected in the human body to cure diseases, electronic "nano-chips" that can store and process much more information than today's microchips, "nano-fibres" for better and always-clean clothes, and "nano-materials" for high-performance coatings, for instance in aircraft and spaceships. The Communication, "Towards a European strategy for nanotechnology", provides a series of recommendations and initiatives on how to strengthen European Research and Development (R&D) in the field. It proposes an integrated approach to strengthen Europe's R&D in nanosciences and help turn nanotechnologies into commercially viable products for the benefit of society. Key actions required to achieve these aims include boosting R&D investment and infrastructure, improving training for research personnel, enhancing technology transfer in Europe and its financing, taking into account the impact of nanotechnology on society and increasing international co-operation towards a responsible approach to nanotechnology R&D globally. Read more
Nicosia, Cyprus
Event organised by the Cyprus IT Enterprises Association and the Cyprus Computer Society. With the eEurope 2005 document as the basis for discussion, this Cyprus IT Benchmarking Forum will try to assess and benchmark the current situation in Cyprus against developed and developing countries but mainly against the eEurope 2005 Programme standards. The conclusions and findings that will be derived from the Forum will be provided to the Cyprus Government for information, commitment and action. Read more