Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


In the EU as a whole, turnover in telecommunication services increased by 11.3% between 2000 and 2001. Turnover from telecommunications was 3.5% of GDP in the EU. The number of persons employed in telecommunications services has increased slowly over recent years, standing at 1.1 million in the EU at the end of 2001, which is equivalent to 0.7% of total employment. The much faster growth of turnover compared to the number of persons employed implies a growth of labour productivity in the telecommunications area. The number of mobile phone subscribers in the EU reached 278 million ... Read more
Commissioner Erkki Liikanen and Chancellor Gerhard Schröder attended a high-level meeting in Berlin as part of the German initiative for fostering growth of the Information Society. Speaking on the importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for competitiveness and growth, Commissioner Liikanen said: "By improving quality and reducing prices, ICT are an important enabler of innovation and organisational change that enhance productivity. The eEurope initiative is the European framework for stimulating this process". Read more
The European Commission and the Greek Presidency of the European Union have jointly stressed the importance of women playing a full role in building and participating in the Information Society. The message comes prior to a European Congress on Gender and the Information Society followed by an informal ministerial meeting in Athens on 5 and 6 May. The Congress will bring together representatives of the relevant sectors to analyse where and how new technologies will impact on individuals' lives. Read more
Beaulieu 29, Brussels, Belgium
'ICT Tools for Healthcare' Workshop gives the opportunity to e-Health related projects to demonstrate their results and to inform key actors of the healthcare sector about the potential of information and communication technologies specifically designed for the Healthcare. Read more
From 02/06/2003 to 02/07/2003
Brussels, Belgium
The European Commission and the Conference Preparatory Group (CPG) of the CEPT are organising a second open consultation meeting in the context of preparation for the World Radiocommunication Conference which will be held in Geneva in June 2003 (WRC-03). Full text. Read more
A new Call for Proposals under the eTEN Programme (Trans-European Telecommunications Networks) of the European Commission is about to be opened . This will be the only eTEN Call for Proposals launched in 2003 and the proposed indicative Community budget allocation will be 37.5 million euro. Read more
From 17/06/2003 to 19/06/2003
Espoo, Finland