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A public workshop presenting the findings of the study "Implementation of wide screen and high definition television in the context of digital broadcasting" took place in Brussels on 17 December. This study was carried out for the Commission by Eurostrategies, a consortium of 3 independent consultancy companies. It seeks to improve information and awareness concerning the role that wide-screen television can play in the roll-out of digital television in each EU Member State. It places particular emphasis on identifying the most suitable policy strategies and actions, and on encouraging policymakers and broadcasters to take relevant measures for the development of wide-screen television. Read more
Under the second phase of the Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN) initiative, the first pan-Asian research and education network will be created, directly connected to Europe's GEANT2 network. This connection will help provide the Asian countries with a gateway for global research collaboration. For the next phase (TEIN2), the European Union's EuropeAid Co-operation office will contribute up to 10 million Euro towards the costs of connecting partners. This second phase starts with a connectivity tender process. The contract notice has now been published in the Official Journal of the European Commission. Expressions of interest to participate in this tender invited up to 8 January 2005. Read more
From 20/04/2005 to 22/04/2005
Gdansk, Poland
The AMI@Work family of communities facilitates innovation, inclusion and creativity for empowering, person-centric new working environments. The family links people in 25 EU Member States & beyond in 'dream teams'. People set Ambient Intelligence at Work for the Lisbon strategy, through cross-fertilising 'horisontal' collaborative technology communities meeting with 'vertical' challenging verification environments and 'living labs' to catalyse human-centric systemic innovation and transition to the knowledge society. Special focus on involving strongly New Member States participants and priorities. European Research and Innovation Area (ERA) at Work, bridging research, policy and deployment of research results. Please visit the Family webpages to know more about the new events schedule (Kingston, UK, 13-14 May 2005 and Munich, DE, 21&22 June 2005). Read more
The European Commission has formally asked Luxembourg to comply with a judgment given by the Court of Justice on 12 June 2003 requiring it to apply correctly a 1990 Directive on competition in the markets for telecommunications services (90/388/CEE). Despite changes to its legislation, Luxembourg still retains a procedure for issuing rights of way which discriminates against competitors of the traditional operator, since they are not always able to obtain the permits they need to construct their own infrastructure alongside roads and railway lines. The formal request is in the form of a reasoned opinion, the second stage of the infringement procedure provided for in Article 228 of the EC Treaty. If Luxembourg continues to fail to comply, the Commission could refer the matter to the Court and ask it to impose a daily fine. Read more
Conference Hall of Athens University
The conference will bring together civil servants responsible for the PSI-directive, representatives from industry, and other stakeholders in the re-use debate. It is organised by ePSI-net, an accompanying measure to the eContent programme Read more
Brussels, Belgium
The Information Day will focus on the provision of up-to-date and first-hand information on the three FET calls (FP6 - 6th Framework Programme - 4th Call for proposals). It will familiarise potential proposers with the use of FP6 instruments (Integrated Projects & Networks of Excellence) in the context of the FET Proactive Initiatives. Read more
DG Information Society's Knowledge Management and Content Creation Unit is organising an information session. The main purpose of the meeting is to stimulate networking between the representatives of organisations that intend to submit a project proposal in response to the 4th IST call, strategic objective Semantic based Knowledge and Content Systems. Read more
An important direct impact of research programmes in the area of applications for public services lies in improved knowledge and skills of the participants and strengthened research networking. Researchers improve competitiveness, building on knowledge and networking impacts. Successful projects are part of “innovation paths” – real networks of collaboration leading to the development of both basic research and new products. This was revealed by a recent study of the MEASURE project which also confirms that long-term eGovernment R&D contributes to growth and improved socio-economic impact. Read more
Scientists working at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission have developed a new way to interpret data from satellites observing the earth. The satellites monitor the nature, state and evolution of the earth’s vegetation. This enhanced monitoring capacity will make it more possible to determine the impact of major climatic events, such as the severe drought and heatwave in Western Europe in 2003. The new method involves the use of practical algorithms to interpret remote sensing data collected by sensors in satellites. Read more
The European Commission launched on 15 december 2004 an on-line consultation concerning the future Community Action Programme to promote active citizenship. This on-line consultation is the first stage of a consultation exercise in which interested citizens and their organisations are invited to submit their opinions on the orientations of the future programme. The second stage will take the form of a consultative Forum involving representatives of interested parties in early February 2005 for a more in-depth discussion. The on-line consultation period starts today and will last two months. Read more