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The European Commission’s new eEurope Awards for Innovation in e-Government aims to highlight and promote the efforts made by European national, regional and local administrations in using Information Society Technologies to improve the quality and accessibility of their public services. Its launch follows the success of the eGovernment label. This was recently awarded to 60 online services submitted by administrations for inclusion within "eGovernment: From Policy to Practice", a conference and exhibition organised jointly on November 29-30 by the European Commission and the EU Belgian Presidency Read more
The European Commission and the European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering (Euro-CASE)have announced the three Grand Prize Winners of this year’s European Information Society Technologies Prize (EISTP). The Grand Prizes -each worth €200 000- were presented by Erkki Liikanen, the European Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society, at Information Society Technologies 2001 event (IST 2001), held in Düsseldorf from December 3-5. Read more
The European Commission today adopted a Communication examining the state of implementation by EU Member States of the current European regulatory framework for telecommunications. The key conclusion of the Report is that, against a generally pessimistic macroeconomic background, the telecom services sector is buoyant, the national regulatory authorities continue to make progress with liberalisation, but that, on the eve of the adoption of a new framework, a number of regulatory bottlenecks remain. Read more
Press Conference, Brussels
Charlemagne Building, Brussels
Safety Seminar, Auto World, Brussels
From 22/11/2001 to 23/11/2001
Budapest, Hungary
From 18/03/2002 to 24/03/2002
European-American Business Council, Washington, US