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This blog was written by Dr Cinzia Casiraghi, a Reader in Graphene and Carbon Nanostructures at The University of Manchester. She is also the Chairperson of Graphene Week 2015 and was the recent recipient of the Marlow Award. Read more
Europe’s Graphene Flagship lays out a science and technology roadmap, targeting research areas designed to take graphene and related 2d materials from academic laboratories into society. The roadmap is published in "Nanoscale", a high impact peer reviewed journal publishing experimental and theoretical work across the breadth of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Read more
At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Graphene and Quantum technology was discussed. Nobel Prize winner K. Novoselov (and scientist in the Graphene Flagship) was one of the panel members in the following sessions:"Beyond Moore’s Law" and "Global Science Outlook". The Human Brain Project was represented by its coordinator, Prof. Henry Markram, who participated in the following sessions: "The Human Brain: Deconstructing Neuroscience"and "Brain-Based Chips and DNA Hard Drives". Read more
At the World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos, Katia Moskvitch interviewed Nobel Prize winner Kostya Novoselov about the wonder material Graphene and future computing. Kostya Novoselov is Professor of Physics at the University of Manchester and is one of the scientists involved in the Graphene Flagship project funded by the EU. He is attending the World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos, and is a panel member in the sessions "Beyond Moore’s Law" on 23/1/2015 at 3pm CET and "Global Science Outlook" on 24/1 at 9.15am CET at World Economic Forum. Read more
In this newsletter Thierry Van der Pyl, Director of "Excellence in Science" at DG CONNECT, summarises the achievements in FET for this first year in H2020, in parallel with EC policies development, and looks at the challenges ahead of us. We also report on FET related funding opportunities, conferenes & workshops, major results & achievements of FET projects & initiatives & reports. Read more
With Flagships, the Commission proposes a new PARTNERING MODEL for long-term European co-operative research. This model is built around a large Core Project and several Partnering Projects. What is a Core Project ? What are Partnering Projects ? You'll find the anwsers in our short overview & presentation on the FET Flagship Model. Read more
The newsletter reports on FET related funding opportunities, conferenes & workshops, major results & achievements of FET projects & initiatives & reports. Read more
Chalmers University of Technology, the coordinator of the Graphene Flagship project, will launch a massive open online course on graphene. The course will be free of charge and accessible to anyone with a computer. The teacher is Jie Sun, Assistant Professor in the Quantum Device Physics Laboratory of the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience. Read more
Just imagine being able to surf through the brain and its 86 billion neurons - well now you can! Scientists have developed the first high-definition 3D model of a complete human brain - it is called BIG BRAIN. Read more
For policy-makers in Europe, scientific, engineering and technological innovations offer opportunities to improve life for European citizens and provide benefits for sustainable development worldwide. Read more