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Publications about FET Flagships

"It has been said that futurists don’t predict the future so much as drive us towards a better one. Fulfilling the promise of these emerging technologies depends on continued research and funding. Ongoing projects, such as the Allen Institute Brain Atlas and Cell Types project, the Brain Initiative, the Human Brain Project, the Blue Brain Project and the China Brain Science Project, are all paving the way towards not only a better understanding of how the brain works, but technologies that take advantage of these discoveries to improve society." (World Economic Forum) Read more
Producing graphene in bulk is critical when it comes to the industrial exploitation of this exceptional two-dimensional material. To that end, Graphene Flagship researchers have developed a novel variant on the chemical vapour deposition process which yields high quality material in a scalable manner. This advance should significantly narrow the performance gap between synthetic and natural graphene. Flagship-affiliated physicists from RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich have together with colleagues in Japan devised a method for peeling graphene flakes from a CVD substrate with the help of intermolecular forces. Read more
Business Insider UK compiled a list of 50 scientists from across the globe who are changing the world for the better. Katrin Amunts, working at Jülich Research Centre (DE) has been nominated for her work on the "BigBrain", which aims to create a 3D atlas of the human brain. She is co-leader of the Strategic Human Brain Data subproject. Read more
Graphene Flagship researchers have developed an optical fibre laser that emits pulses with durations equivalent to just a few wavelengths of the light used. This fastest ever laser based on graphene will be ideal for use in ultrafast spectroscopy, and in surgical lasers that avoid heat damage to living tissue. Read more
The online catalogue featuring the exhibitors present at ICT 2015 has been published. Read more
On 5 June an info day was held at the University in Florence (IT). You can watch a recording of the webstream. Read more
Launched in October 2013,the Graphene Flagship has now been sailing for a little over a year. Much has been achieved in this short time, yet we are only a tenth of the way on a voyage that we hope will take graphene and related materials from academic laboratories into society. Read more
Presentation on EU FET Proactive project "Brainscales" & EU FET Flagship Human Brain Project. Read more
The set of European Commission Foresight fiches, analysing global trends to 2030, which was developed in the preparation of ‘The Future of Europe is Science’ report, is now available. This report was presented by the President’s Science & Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) at the "Future of Europe is Science" conference in Lisbon in October 2014. Read more
The brochure highlights some of the many EU initiatives and co-funded research projects which address scientific excellence. EU policies and investment in these initiatives foster scientific progress and helps seed new markets, while strengthening European innovation and completing the Digital Single Market. Read more