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This guide details the objectives, principles and policies and identifies the necessary decisions for the further expansion of NGA (Next Generation Access) in Germany. These goals and measures for the development of high-speed networks form a core component of the Digital Agenda of the Federal Government in the field of digital infrastructures. Read more
With the adoption of the Digital Agenda, the federal government has defined an important component of the economic and innovation policy. The Digital Agenda identifies the digital policy approach of the Federal Government and bundles activities in seven key action areas. The Digital Agenda will be implemented together with economic and social partners, civil society and academia. An important role is played by the National IT Summit. It will have to be refocused on the core areas of the Digital Agenda. Read more
The Digital Champions (DC) Expert Group held its seventh meeting in Brussels on 29 September 2014. The meeting with VP Neelie Kroes took place from 8:45h to 9:45h. Read more
Joint mission statement of the undersigned European Digital Champions to help every European become digital and benefit from an inclusive Digital Society. Undersigned, Ales Spetic (Slovenia), Antonio Murta (Portugal), Björn Ottersten (Luxembourg), Gergana Passy (Bulgaria), Gesche Joost (Germany), Gilles Babinet (France), Istvan Erenyi (Hungary), Jan Gulliksen (Sweden), Kestutis Juskevicius (Lithuania), Meral Akin-Hecke (Austria), Ondrej Felix (Czech Republic), Paul Andre Baran (Romania), Peter Pellegrini (Slovakia), Reinis Zitmanis (Latvia), Saskia van Uffelen (Belgium), Stelios Himonas (Cyprus), Tineke Netelenbos (The Netherlands), Wlodzimierz Marcinski (Poland), Godfrey Vella (Malta), Riccardo Luna (Italy) and Andreu Veà-Baró (Spain) Read more
The Digital Champions are ambassadors for the Digital Agenda for Europe who are appointed by their Member States to help every European become digital. Each member state has defined their own Champion’s role, but in essence it is to promote the role and use of information and communication technologies by connecting people, policies and sectors. This leaflet showcases some of the major achievements of the Digital Champions over the past two years. Read more
The EU Digital Champions urge Commission presidential candidates to put forward a digital strategy fit for the 21st century. They call on contenders to unite behind a four-point agenda to transform Europe into a connected, wired and dynamic continent. Read more
The Digital Champions (DC) Expert Group met on 19- 20 March in Brussels. It was the sixth time that the group had met and 14 Champions participated. The previous meeting took place in November 2013 in Brussels. Read more
Leading European tech start-ups have tabled a manifesto for Europe's national leaders, and with the support of European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes, the EU is launching at Davos a new think-tank and a new pan-European platform to pave the ground for the development of global champions from Europe. Read more

Digital Champions met for the fifth time on 25-26 November in Brussels. One of the objectives of the meeting was to hear the Champions' priorities for 2014 and to find synergies with those of Vice-President Kroes and DG CONNECT. Another aim was to inform the DCs about available funding, such as the Structural Funds and to ensure that they were up-to-date with the latest policy developments.

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