Digital Agenda for Europe
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This report examines existing certification schemes relevant to cloud computing, focusing on benefits and challenges of such schemes as well as the identification of possible supporting actions and next steps recommendations as regards the implementation of the key action on certification of the European Cloud Computing Strategy. The report is based on research of the state of the art in cloud certification, how cloud certification schemes could enhance trust and transparency in the cloud; which elements of cloud computing could be considered for certification; challenges still affecting existing cloud certification schemes; and the role of public sector. The key findings from the research have been used to develop seven recommendations detailing possible intervention by the European Union with regards to cloud certification. Read more
Joint mission statement of the undersigned European Digital Champions to help every European become digital and benefit from an inclusive Digital Society. Undersigned, Ales Spetic (Slovenia), Antonio Murta (Portugal), Björn Ottersten (Luxembourg), Gergana Passy (Bulgaria), Gesche Joost (Germany), Gilles Babinet (France), Istvan Erenyi (Hungary), Jan Gulliksen (Sweden), Kestutis Juskevicius (Lithuania), Meral Akin-Hecke (Austria), Ondrej Felix (Czech Republic), Paul Andre Baran (Romania), Peter Pellegrini (Slovakia), Reinis Zitmanis (Latvia), Saskia van Uffelen (Belgium), Stelios Himonas (Cyprus), Tineke Netelenbos (The Netherlands), Wlodzimierz Marcinski (Poland) Read more
The Open Innovation 2.0 yearbook series have always managed to bring some fresh thinking as well as compelling evidence of the OI2 paradigm. Read more
This video, created by the EU-funded SUCRE project, explains the problems hospitals nowadays face concerning their IT infrastructure. Cloud computing can offer solutions. Read more
Although the Flagships are at a very early stage of implementation, we're launching this Staff Working Document (SWD) to take stock of progress so far and, most importantly, to present the Flagship model and its implementation in the Union's Research Framework Programmes, in particular within the current Horizon 2020 (H2020). Read more
On this page you can find out more about the Conference Agenda Structure and the contents of the Conference Booklet Read more
In this section you can find the presentations of the speakers during the event. They are ordered by the name of the speaker an the topics they were discussion on. Read more
A list of useful links about Cloud Computing topics in the context of the ICT Proposer's Day (9 - 10 of October 2014, Florence, Italy) Read more
Research Priorities in Cloud Computing, in the context of Software and Services, taking into account Internet of Things, Future Internet and Big Data. Read more
The advent of Cloud computing as the new underlying global infrastructure of computing presents distinctive new opportunities and challenges for Europe. Read more