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Project news and results about Public Services

The European Commission and OpenPEPPOL are joining forces to support the uptake of secure electronic data exchange across borders. Both signed an agreement, where the Commission will host a central service of the eDelivery network, while OpenPEPPOL will continue to manage the business-related governance of the network in the e-procurement domain. Read more
Scenyo is the commercial brand of IDI EIKON that aims at the commercialization of digital signage solutions. SCENYO was widely validated in Europe (Latvia, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Romania) in the framework of the European Commission co-funded project SEED: Speeding Every European Digital. Read more
The main objective of the eGovPoliNet project was to increase and sustain an international community of policy modeling. The community consisted of experts from academia and practice in the field of ICT solutions for public governance and policy modeling. The project ended in February 2015. It continues its work in special interest groups (SIGs) within relevant existing communities. Read more
The urbanAPI project provides urban planners with the tools needed to actively analyse, plan and manage the urban environment. To this end, the project has developed 3D Scenario Creators that directly address the issue of stakeholder engagement in the planning process through the development and provision of enhanced virtual reality visualisations of neighbourhood development proposals. Read more
The ePolicy interface will support policy makers in their decision process across a multi-disciplinary effort aimed at engineering the policy making life-cycle. For the first time, global and individual perspectives on the decision process are merged and integrated. The project focuses on regional planning and promotes the assessment of economic, social and environmental impacts during the policy making process (at both the global and individual levels). Read more
Government services in Europe are being modernised and made accessible online for people and companies across borders in a large-scale project that could save society billions of euros over the coming years. Read more
The eEnviPer project has released a software that guarantees compliance with EU environmental law through a web platform and cloud technologies. The product is now ready for the market and Greece is going to adopt it. Read more
What do international conferences and global cities have in common? They are both truly rich in experiences and activities but also daunting with busy roads and agendas. That is why the European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility (ECIM) project created an application that will allow you to move through Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress venue at the touch of a button. Read more
e-SENS and CEF Digital both aim at developing the European Digital Single Market and reaching economic growth by making available re-usable and interoperable solutions. Their goal is to facilitate the access for citizens and businesses to online services across borders. Working in close cooperation, e-SENS and CEF Digital have complementary roles in achieving this goal. Read more
The first year of the STRATEGIC project has successfully completed. In a context where cloud computing services (including public cloud services) hold the promise to deliver a host of benefits to both public sector organizations and enterprises, STRATEGIC emerges to address the need of public sector organizations to adopt cloud computing and to leverage the benefits of public cloud services. The STRATEGIC framework comprises cloud infrastructures and tools that will ease public sector organizations to flexibly and effectively migrate their services to the cloud. Read more