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New lighting solutions such as LEDs, lasers, computer and TV displays, the fibre-optic cables that are the backbone of the internet and of telephone systems, cameras, sensors: These and many other applications in all fields, from medicine to communications, manufacturing and design, depend on Photonics. But even though Photonics is a key enabling technology and already part of everybody's life, it has a low visibility among non-experts. The EU is therefore funding three outreach projects Read more
The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), a worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media, entertainment, and technology industries, has revealed the outstanding industry members who will be recognized Thursday, October 29, at the SMPTE 2015 Awards Ceremony in Hollywood. Read more
Fancy playing a game while visiting the ICT2015-event in Lisbon? At the stand of the POPULATE-project you can, if you don't mind playing a prototype where some of the gameplay and some of the graphics are still in development and are being substituted by placeholders. Read more
The Cybersecurity and Privacy (CSP) Forum (funded via SecCord EU FP7 project), actively coordinates the clustering of the funded EU FP7 trust and security research projects , promoting collaboration, dissemination and networking. Read more
The SOI-HITS project developed a low cost smart sensing system that can measure concentrations of oxygen, carbon monoxide, temperature and moisture in a package that has been shown to operate long term in 225 degrees C. This could make the domestic boilers more energy efficient. Read more
Window blinds that generate electricity while you are away at work and a tablet that is being recharged by light that is harvested by a sticker on its cover: these are just two applications that could result from the Sunflower project. It aims at making more efficient, cheaper, thinner and more durable solar cells so that solar energy can be introduced in everyday objects. Read more
The European Commission's Joint Research Center (JRC) has partnered with EUROCARERS to launch a new online database of digital services for carers of older people. This new tool offers access to 78 good practices of digital services for older care at home, which the JRC gathered and that EUROCARERS, the European network representing informal carers and their organisations, helped make available to all. Read more
The Connected for Health project promotes a wider use of open FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks to make public services more accessible also in rural areas. The objective of the project is to identify, test and evaluate new and existing systems and services for providing accessible home health care over open FTTH networks. The idea is to find most suitable, user friendly and cost-efficient combinations of systems for individual needs of patients and clients. Read more
AtlantikSolar broke the World record for the longest autonomous flight by a small Unmanned Aerial Vehichle (UAV) ever in July. The sturdy solar powered light aircraft was airborne for 81 hours non-stop facing gusts of wind of 60 km/hour (nearly 40 mph). Read more
Community feedback and advanced analytics, combined with lesson planning and monitoring tools for teachers make this social learning platform, PRAISE, a step forward in collaborative online learning. Read more