Digital Agenda for Europe
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Project news and results

EU-funded research and innovation projects can now attend free of charge online courses to improve their dissemination and communication techniques and tools in order to bridge the gap between lab and market. The courses are organised by the support project Haivisio. Read more
The European project ECIM intends to develop an application combining, as in a Lego bricks set, all the practical information and services in an area: parking, bike-sharing (Vélib'), car-sharing (Autolib'), public transport, car traffic, etc... Read more
The Finnish start-up CyberLightning used FI-WARE, a set of online services for developers, to create a new software platform named CyberVille®. This 3D visualisation tool can monitor Internet of Things networks such as Smart Grids and Smart City infrastructures. Read more
An EU research project is developing tools to help software engineers create energy-efficient code, which could reduce electricity consumption at data centres by up to 50% and improve battery life in smart devices. Read more
Representatives of the CPSoS project project met the European Commission on 3 December to discuss future research directions in Cyber-physical Systems of Systems (CPSos). Read more
An EU-funded ICT research project is producing visual and touch apps to help people with Down’s syndrome become more independent in their daily lives. Read more
Journalists and media workers are confronting relentless pressure as they do their jobs, a survey of the first six months of incidents reported to Index on Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom project has found. In the six months since the mapping project was launched, over 500 reports — including 61 violent attacks on journalists — from across Europe have been verified and published. Reports have come in from as far afield as Finland and Malta, Ireland and Turkey. Read more
EU-funded researchers have developed new apps that enable healthcare workers to provide more personalised care to dementia sufferers. Read more
The mission of the Pathfinder project is to increase knowledge and awareness of, determine the future use and impact of simulation and forecasting technologies in manufacturing. Read more
In an era when we increasingly use mobile phones and tablets to download and exchange heavy files of high quality data, wireless super-speed becomes a must. The "Integrated Photonic Signal Sources for wireless communications" project (iPHOS), a research project under the 7th Research and Innovation Framework Programme is adressing this need. Read more