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Press releases and speeches about Open data

Open Knowledge Foundation, Berlin, 17 July 2014 Read more
Open data can be used as the basis for innovative value-added services and products, such as mobile apps, which encourage investment in data-driven sectors. Read more
The European Commission has launched a public consultation on ‘Science 2.0’, in order to gauge the trend towards a more open, data-driven and people-focused way of doing research and innovation. Read more
Data collection and exploitation is a growing phenomenon; in response to industry and grassroots demands the European Commission is calling on national governments to wake-up to this “big data” revolution. Read more
The Commission will use the full range of policy and legal tools, and invest in research and innovation for Europe to make the most of the data-driven economy. Read more

IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress, Brussels, 11 December 2013

Read more
What is big data? What makes big data so important? Why does the EU care about big data? What is the EU doing about big data? Read more
ICT 2013 Event – Session on Innovating by exploiting big and open data and digital content, Vilnius 7 November 2013 Read more