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Press releases and speeches about FET Flagships

The European Commission just published a report on its ambitious science and technology Flagships. Read more
European researchers have discovered a method of creating wearable sensors by adding graphene to shop-bought rubber bands. Graphene makes the rubber electrically conductive, opening up a host of possibilities. The sensors could be used in medicine (to monitor blood pressure/glucose, respiration), in the automotive industry (sensitive airbags), in robotics, etc. Read more
To coincide with Graphene Week 2014, the European Commission announces that the Graphene Flagship, one of the largest-ever European research initiatives, is doubling in size. 66 new partners are being invited to join the consortium following the results of a €9 million competitive call. Read more
Researchers of the AMBER centre @ambercentre in Dublin have developed a new process to mass produce graphene-based material. The method – which promises to be simple and affordable – could be used by industries for applications such as highly efficient batteries. The research team participates in the Graphene flagship @GrapheneCA, a €1 billion EU initiative to boost new technologies and innovation during the next 10 years. Read more
President Obama's visit to Brussels is a reminder of how the EU and US can benefit by working together. From ensuring a safer internet for our kids, internet governance, not to mention significant trade and investment negotiations: there are many areas where we work with our American partners in the digital realm. But here's one example of a very concrete piece of research where we are "putting our heads together". Read more
One of the biggest EU-funded initiatives, the Human Brain Project (HBP), just announced the beneficiaries of its €8.3 million competitive call for new partners. 32 organisations from 13 countries – Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK – will join the partnership. This represents a 40% increase in the number of partners in the HBP consortium. Read more
FET Flagship winners press conference, Brussels, 28 January 2013 Read more
The European Commission announced the winners of a multi-billion euro competition of Future and Emerging Technologies (FET). Read more
What are Future and Emerging Technologies? What are FET Flagships? How were the Flagships selected? Why were these two Flagships selected over the others? What will happen to the projects that have not been selected? Read more