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In Spain, two of the five 116 numbers are currently operational Read more
Portable devices make it really accessible for generating and sending e-mails almost instantly and on the go. But what if they could by sent just by thought? Brain-Computer Interfaces may make it possible soon. Read more
Communicating with strangers online has become commonplace in the digital era, but how can we be sure that we can trust the person on the other side of the screen? Spanish Startup Traity has made this possible by integrating profiles and feedback from various different online platforms. Read more
Recognized as one of Europe's most promising startups by Seedcamp, Sezion is doing amazing things with video and is another great example of the growing culture of entrepreneurship amongst young Spaniards. Read more
Dr. Veronica Grieneisen, from the Computational and Systems Biology Department of the John Innes Centre, and Prof. Yaochu Jin, from the Department of Computing of the University of Surrey,two UK partners of the SWARM-ORGAN project team, appeared on BBC Radio 4's weekly science show "Frontiers". They discussed how understanding genetic regulatory networks of cells and biological development influences research into developing swarm robots, as well as the challenges and aims of working with actual robots. To listen to the full episode of Frontiers: Read more
The European Commission just published a report on the telecommunications market and regulation in the EU, showing that investment in the field starts to grow again, data traffic is growing quickly, together with an increase in VoIP calls. However, huge discrepancies still exist among EU countries. Read more
Would you like to help researchers understand climate change, or discover how you can collaborate with thousands other people? EU-funded project SOCIENTIZE allows you to lend your skills and time to some exciting research. Read more
Spanish science news agency SINC features ANGELAB project that aims at detecting foetal genetic diseases via maternal blood. Based on lab-on-chip technologies, this research would lead to quick, non-invasive and low-cost diagnosis. The article also mentions LABONFOIL project, led by the same coordinator, Jesús Miguel Ruano López at IK4-Ikerlan. Read more
Spain is the latest country to have appointed its Digital Champion. Alicia Richart, the newest member of the group, is executive advisor in the Cabinet of Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism in Spain. She’s leading the Telecommunications, Information Society and Digital Contents. Read more