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How can multiple audio-visual sources be used to create enhanced user experience?
The Audio-Visual Gestalt Workshop was held at Bremen (Germany) in September, with the participation of 34 participants from 8 countries. This workshop was a unique opportunity to present the ongoing work in European FP7 funded projects that tackle various aspects of Audio-Visual Gestalt concept. Read more
From 24/09/2012 to 25/09/2012
Cologne, Germany
The next stop of the cross-borders LSP Roadshow ( will be the IT Forum –“Europe goes online” – in Cologne, Germany. It will be held September 24 - 25, 2012 in the Higher Regional Court Cologne, in a 101 year old historical building. Over two days several hundred invited guests will gain an insight into the progress and achievements of all LSPs and different European projects of the national e-Justice and e-Government sectors. Read more