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Autoworld Museum, Parc du Cinquantenaire 11, 1000 Brussels
This event, organised by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, will feature speeches and panel debates on three key aspects of connected cars: safety, environmental performance and security. Read more
Valkenburg Airport, 15km from The Hague [NL]
Be part of the next iMobility Challenge high-level technology demonstrations day that will take place in Valkenburg on Wednesday 11 September 2013. The event is organised by the FIA, coordinator of the EU FP7 iMobility Challenge project which strives to demonstrate, promote and boost the deployment of ICT systems for efficient and sustainable mobility. You will be able to witness and test how the future transport in Europe will look like in the near future. More information on the event, as well as online registration: Read more
From 19/06/2013 to 20/06/2013
Many people believe that digital public services should be shaped around people’s needs and be easily accessible. Within the current economic climate there is also a requirement for these services to be delivered effectively and efficiently. Read more
From 04/06/2013 to 07/06/2013
Dublin (IE)
Participate in this Intelligent Transport System key event and learn about the latest development in terms of innovation, solutions and deployment. 'All regions face similar challenges in delivering sustainable transport solutions to meet their current and future mobility requirements. Transport authorities are aware of the real needs specific to their region but often find it difficult to identify detailed information on targeted ITS solutions that would deliver direct and tangible positive outcomes. The primary focus of Dublin 2013 Congress will be on proven deployed solutions and innovative R&D that solve real problems and deliver value for money in today’s challenging economic environment.' Read more