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Interested in Open Disruptive Innovation? Looking to find out more about Horizon 2020 funding, network with potential partners and discuss ideas? Come to Florence for ICT Proposers' day 2014 and sign up the ODI Session! Read more
This report examines existing certification schemes relevant to cloud computing, focusing on benefits and challenges of such schemes as well as the identification of possible supporting actions and next steps recommendations as regards the implementation of the key action on certification of the European Cloud Computing Strategy. The report is based on research of the state of the art in cloud certification, how cloud certification schemes could enhance trust and transparency in the cloud; which elements of cloud computing could be considered for certification; challenges still affecting existing cloud certification schemes; and the role of public sector. The key findings from the research have been used to develop seven recommendations detailing possible intervention by the European Union with regards to cloud certification. Read more
After its launch on 24th September, the free app Buzzstreets will be firstly available in Lisbon and Porto, then in major cities in Europe and South America. Read more
Joint mission statement of the undersigned European Digital Champions to help every European become digital and benefit from an inclusive Digital Society. Undersigned, Ales Spetic (Slovenia), Antonio Murta (Portugal), Björn Ottersten (Luxembourg), Gergana Passy (Bulgaria), Gesche Joost (Germany), Gilles Babinet (France), Istvan Erenyi (Hungary), Jan Gulliksen (Sweden), Kestutis Juskevicius (Lithuania), Meral Akin-Hecke (Austria), Ondrej Felix (Czech Republic), Paul Andre Baran (Romania), Peter Pellegrini (Slovakia), Reinis Zitmanis (Latvia), Saskia van Uffelen (Belgium), Stelios Himonas (Cyprus), Tineke Netelenbos (The Netherlands), Wlodzimierz Marcinski (Poland) Read more
Biblioteca nazionale centrale
The National Central Library of Rome will host the international conference entitled: The reuse of digital cultural content in education, tourism and leisure: an opportunity for cultural institutions and creative industries, an investment for the future. Read more
Would you like to discover secret treasures of the Roman Empire, guided by an old merchant and his nephew? New technologies make this incredible journey possible. An exciting new exhibition is being launched today in four different cities, representing key areas of the Roman Empire: Rome (Italy), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Alexandria (Egypt). ‘Keys to Rome’ (#K2R) is organised by an EU-funded network of archaeologists, art historians, architects, computer scientists and communication experts. Read more
It sounds implausible, but European researchers are deadly serious about their aim to create reliable, low-energy microchips from what have traditionally been viewed as ‘unreliable’ components. The skill is to correct the errors to turn low-powered parts into efficient, reliable and, above-all, fault-tolerant chips. They propose to use nano-scale integration to build these next-generation chips. Read more

#ConnectedCommunities: A handbook for broadband investors

A broadband investment guide (hyperlink), released today, will help local, regional and national authorities to develop long-term development plans to bring fast internet to their communities. The handbook gives practical tips to support public authorities in the preparation of broadband investment projects, including those co-financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds and the Connecting Europe Facility.

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The FIRE FP7 project organizes its final conference "Industrial & Research Challenges arising from User Requirements in Trustworthy ICT" in Brussels on 13th October of 2014, in the framework of the ISSE 2014 event. The project will present the results of its Pan-European analysis of ICT Security requirements from Finance, Healthcare, Energy, ICT and Governments Read more
Lisbon Council, Washington DC, 19 September 2014 Read more