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Supplement to Special Guideline "Broadband Austria 2013" (Sonderrichtlinie "Breitband Austria Zwanzigdreizehn"). This supplement contains maps visualising funding areas in the Austrian federal States. Published by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technologie (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation unn Technologie- BMVIT). Read more
From 10/04/2014 to 11/04/2014
University of Alicante
The Succeed project will hold a hackathon at the University of Alicante, whose aim is to look at improving the state-of-the-art open-source tools for the digitisation of textual content such as books and newspapers. Read more
From 25/03/2014 to 07/05/2014
Technological and economic models of network sharing Read more
The Commission has released the results of a Eurobarometer survey to measure the attitude of EU households and citizens towards the main e-communications services in the Single Market: fixed and mobile voice telephony and Internet access, TV broadcast services and service packages. The survey measures consumer's perception of mobile roaming, broadband speed, quality of experience of access services, affordability, switching service provider and price transparency, 112 awareness and use of public payphone and directory enquiry services. The fieldwork was conducted between 18 and 27 January 2014. It covers the 28 EU Member States, with a total of 27,736 respondents interviewed. It follows on from the previous Eurobarometer survey which was conducted in February-March 2013. Read more
Today the European Commission published the second report on the fixed broadband performance across the EU Member States and other European countries. Read more
This study presents a very comprehensive assessment of retail fixed broadband access prices for a variety of broadband offerings including standalone and bundled services for eight speed categories. Read more
This report presents the latest statistics of European broadband markets including the number of subscriptions of fixed and mobile broadband, data on competition, broadband speeds as well as Next Generation Access technologies. Read more
7 new organizations are joining the Grand Coalition. They are committing to offer thousands of ICT training opportunities, raise awareness about ICT jobs and empower women with the digital skills of today and tomorrow. Read more
The Consultation on the mHealth Green Paper is regulated by a Specific Privacy Statement. The document contains detailed information on how personal information and private data is collected, handled and disclosed, as well as how data protection is performed and ensured. Read more