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In this video PhD. Ilias Iakovidis and Dr. Terje Peetso speak about the EU funding opportunities for ICT research and innovation to improve health, ageing and wellbeing tools, in the recently launched Horizon 2020 framework programme. Read more
From 11/12/2013 to 08/04/2014
ICT and waste in H2020 is in the Challenge 5. Focus area: Waste. Read more
CEO Sevp, TDC Business, Copenhagen, Denmark Read more
Special Eurobarometer 414 - E-communications household survey and telecom single market survey Read more
How does robot surgery work? What is the future of this fast developing research area from a clinical standpoint? Come and see three exciting research projects, follow hands-on demonstrations of the latest developments in surgical robotic technology and join in workshops with highly distinguished speakers. Read more
Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges facing 21st century science. If we can rise to this challenge, we will gain profound insights into what makes us human, develop new treatments for brain diseases, and build revolutionary new computing technologies that will have far reaching effects, not only in neuroscience. Scientists at the European Human Brain Project-set to announce more than a dozen new research partnerships worth Eur 8.3 million in funding later this month-the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and the US BRAIN Initiative are developing new paradigms for understanding how the human brain works in health and disease. Today, their international and collaborative projects are defined, explored, and compared during "Inventing New Ways to Understand the Human Brain," at the 2014 AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago. Read more
Join the webinar and benefit from a specific information session on how to access funding opportunities (up to 25k€) and use existing testbeds for the development of your products and applications! Read more
From 11/12/2013 to 23/04/2014
The ICT 35 call covers funding for a variety of different areas that aim to make Europe a more innovative and entrepreneurial place for ICT. It is split into six separate actions that range from promoting entrepreneurial skills in schools and universities, promoting a less risk-averse mentality in Europe, to stimulating innovation through public procurement. Read more
Smartphones, wearable devices, a virtual community and a game: The EU has granted nearly €9 Million to the Pegaso project for educating teens about a healthy lifestyle. Read more