Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


The ASPIRE project will develop strong software protection solutions that can be broadly applied to a wide range of application domains and that can provide security in environments where either no hardware-based security is available or as a complement to existing hardware-based security solutions. Read more
CNIT Paris la Défense, Hall Marie Curie, “Miro” conference room
Open Source Projects (OSP) Europe, in association with the PROSE project will be hosting a workshop on “Open Forge Eco-system distributing European FLOSS” at the Solutions Linux, Libres & Open Source 2014 event in Paris on May 20th 2014. Read more
Representatives from cities, regions, institutes and organisations talk about their commitment to the EIP on Smart Cities. Read more
From 02/05/2014 to 30/06/2014
The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme launches a public consultation to identify promising and potentially game-changing directions for future research in any technological domain. Read more
From 11/05/2014 to 12/05/2014
The ICT & Art Connect event, organized with the support of the FP7 FET-ART project, will showcase the pilot residencies funded via the project, and will present to the EC and event participants the main project findings, including policy recommendations. Read more
Join us on June 3rd to shape further the CoP’s vision for the future and identify success factors of self- and co-regulatory actions! Read more
At this event the study: "The Changing Role of Intellectual Property in the Semiconductor Industry – including on non-practising entities" will be presented. This study was launched by the European Commission and examines the changes in IP strategies and patenting practises of the semiconductor industry due to recent developments related to the concentration/specialisation, the emergence of foundries and fabless and technological/economic developments in the sector. Read more
OpEner is a research project in creating an overall energy management system for electric cars that merges on-board and off-board data together to run energy optimal driving strategies. Read more
European Commission support for journalists in the area of media freedom and pluralism comes into the spotlight on World Press Freedom Day, Saturday 3rd May. Four special projects launched earlier this year are receiving around €800,000, thanks to a budget earmarked by the European Parliament. They play a critical role in protecting both the right to free expression as guaranteed by the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights and the media's instrumental role in safeguarding democracy. Read more
On the 21th anniversary of World Press Freedom day, the EU reiterates that free, diverse and independent media constitutes one of the cornerstones of a democratic society by facilitating the free flow of information and ideas, and by ensuring transparency and accountability. Read more