Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


Trying to squeeze into small enclosed areas, carrying out highly repetitive tasks, retiring with back injuries even while your expertise is needed: these everyday realities of working in aviation construction may become a thing of the past. By helping to bring robots onto the factory floor to carry out the uncomfortable and tedious tasks, the VALERI project hopes to place a higher value on human know-how. Read more
Following the success of distributing ICT Innovation Vouchers in the Spanish regions of Extramadura and Murcia, Croatia is set to follow suit by offering funds to SME's and Entrepreneurs within the national ICT sector. Read more
The implementation of the ICT Innovation Vouchers scheme within the Extremadura region of Spain stems from the drive to pursue the Digital Agenda for Extremadura. The combination of the region's specialization in positive environmental exploitation, strong agricultural resources, the promotion of health and welfare in rural areas towards tourists and the reduction of the carbon footprint and use of clean energy sources with the innovative ideas of the ICT sector results in social and economic benefits for everyone involved. Read more
Murcia, a region located on the South East coast of Spain, was chosen to spearhead the pilot phase of the European Commission's ICT Innovation Voucher scheme. Extramadura, situated to the West of Spain was the second location involved. The scheme focuses on supporting innovative business ideas within the ICT sector. Read more
In a bid to boost cross-border opportunities and growth within the Scottish business sector, Digital Scotland Growth Vouchers were launched in May of this year. Read more
From 29/06/2015 to 02/07/2015
Paris, France
The European Conference on Networks and Communications (EUCNC2015) is the key yearly event for showcasing EU funded research and innovation, as well as for presenting the latest developments in this area. Read more
Are you interested in Future Micro-Nano Electronics? Looking to find out more about Horizon 2020 funding, network with potential partners and discuss ideas? Come to Florence for ICT Proposers' day 2014 and sign up to the Future Micro-Nano Electronics Networking Session! Read more
Curious about the next Horizon 2020 funding opportunities for investing in Water Management? Already aware but still looking for partners or wanting to share ideas? Then register for ICT Proposers' Day 2014! Read more
Not only can web Startups succeed in the current economic climate but they can also help other businesses to thrive as well. Greek Startup Intale is one such enterprise, which aims to help small shop owners digitalise their business and become more effective. Read more
Docebo’s simple Saas learning management system supplies, tracks and certifies business courses; allowing businesses to reduce costs of training and optimize time dedicated to training activities. Read more