Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


EU-India CEO Forum, Brussels
From 25/06/2001 to 15/07/2001
Multimedia producers and designers can register their entries up to the 15th of July. Entries are judged by an independent, international jury, nominees will be invited both to the Frankfurt Book fair and MILIA 2002. Winners receive promotion through EuroPrix publications and events throughout Europe. Read more
Renaissance Brussels Hotel, Rue de Parnasse 19
Senior civil servants from the public administrations of 28 European countries have endorsed recommendations for the development of on-line government services. This initiative is at the forefront of the Commission's eEurope action plan. Read more
At the launch of the eEurope Plus Action Plan on 16 June 2001 in Gothenburg, the European Commission warmly welcomed the undertaking of the Heads of Government of the EU Candidate Countries to embrace the challenges of the knowledge-based economy. For more information on the eEurope+ initiative, click here. Read more
Erkki Liikanen, Member of the European Commission responsible for Enterprise and the Information Society has made several speeches regarding the Information Society at a series of seminars and plenary sessions in Helsinki. Click to visit our 'Speeches' section to find out more. Read more
Comité Européen des Assurances, Helsinki
eEurope and eLearning" Seminar, Helsinki, Finland