Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


This table gives an overview of progress on the 132 Digital Agenda actions inclusive Digital Agenda Review package. Read more
From 06/10/2014 to 08/10/2014
Barcelona, Spain
This event offers an intimate platform and summit connecting innovative European tech entrepreneurs with global investment and the resources to help them succeed. Read more
AAL Forum 2014, Bucharest, Romania
Mobile apps have a huge potential to help older people live independently at home and stay mobile. Many AAL projects are making use of the opportunities offered by mobile operative systems. Mobile applications are likely to become more and more accessible for older people over the next few years. This workshop, organised in the context of the AAL Forum, will go further into the opportunities and challenges when it comes to developing mobile apps for supporting older people in their daily life. Read more
From 01/10/2014 to 02/10/2014
London, United Kingdom
This event focuses on different areas of ecommerce, such as marketing, platforms, payments, delivery & logistics, customer service and the more generalist topics affecting overall ecommerce and multi-channel strategies. Read more
European researchers have discovered a method of creating wearable sensors by adding graphene to shop-bought rubber bands. Graphene makes the rubber electrically conductive, opening up a host of possibilities. The sensors could be used in medicine (to monitor blood pressure/glucose, respiration), in the automotive industry (sensitive airbags), in robotics, etc. Read more
From 24/09/2014 to 26/08/2014
Palais d'Egmont, European Parliament, Science 14, Brussels, Belgium
The StartUp Europe Roadshow will conclude at the 3rd annual gathering of young innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world, Unconvention 2014, in Brussels on 25 September 2014. Read more
Design terminal, 13 Erzsébet tér, H-1051 Budapest, Hungary
Young entrepreneurs and innovators are invited to Budapest on 12 September 2014 to find out how to boost their business ideas and learn from those who have done it before. Read more
This event will focus on the future, the European Parliament and the forthcoming new Commission. At the same time the achievements of the Agency during the past 10 years will be highlighted and future cyber challenges for Europe will be discussed. Read more
Trying to squeeze into tight spaces, carrying out highly repetitive tasks and living with back injuries: these everyday realities of working in aviation construction will soon be over. By bringing robots onto the factory floor to carry out the uncomfortable and tedious tasks, the EU-funded project VALERI hopes to place a higher value on human know-how. Seven partners, including Airbus, from Spain, Germany and Austria are building a working laboratory prototype and will test it in a factory setting by 2015. Read more
Passionate about Virtual Research Environments and eInfrastructure skills? Do you want to expand your network and find out more about what the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2015 has to offer? Then come to Florence for ICT Proposers' Day 2014! Read more