Digital Agenda for Europe
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On 4 December Morocco hosted the first joint seminar on the benefits, needs and challenges of eHealth solutions in the Southern Mediterranean countries and the EU. Read more
This report, published by the Research Data Alliance (RDA), highlights how sharing research data can yield knowledge, jobs and growth. Read more
Patients in Europe are increasingly moving across borders to pursue medical treatment. Life expectancy is rising but so is obesity. Health spending by European countries is going down. These are some of the findings of the latest EU 'Health at a Glance' report. Read more
How is your country doing when it comes to Electronic Health Records (EHRs)? And what interaction is there with cross-border eHealth services? Find answers and recommendations in a study produced and funded under the EU Health Programme. Read more
Cable Europe annual event, Brussels, 3 December Read more
University of Warwick, UK, University Road, Coventry, CV4 7AL
This international symposium on the Remote Laser Welding (RLW) Process Navigator is organized by the EU funded Project RLW Navigator. The symposium will focus on a demonstration of the simulation solutions developed by the project. Read more
The European Investors Gate (EIG) project is open for ICT SMEs interested to connect with European investors. e-pitches are organised every two months. Read more
This article explains how ICT can help people with Down’s syndrome become more independent in their daily lives. It is about an EU research project (POSEIDON), developing visual and touch apps. Read more
To assist "telemedicine doers" in successfully introducing healthcare services at a distance, the Momentum project, co-funded by the EU, released a European telemedicine deployment blueprint. Read more
The GLORIA project is a successful example of the use of citizen science and outreach techniques for greater awareness and engagement in science. GLORIA is the first free and open access network of robotic telescopes in the world. Read more