Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


The European Commission and Europe's data industry have committed to invest €2.5 billion in a public-private partnership (PPP) that aims to strengthen the data sector and put Europe at the forefront of the global data race. Read more
Brussels, Belgium
One day consultation with the European mathematicians and their communities about the today's role of mathematics for the future of Digital Science Read more
According to 'The Economist' telemedicine is "a long-touted healthcare revolution". May it at last be about to arrive, or is it stuck in the waiting room? Read more
The document attached sets out the strategic research and innovation agenda of the PPP on data. Read more
European Code Week 2014 kicks off on 11 October: over 1500 events bringing the digital world to life – across the EU and countries from Norway to Turkey. Read more
European Commission, Avenue de Beaulieu, 25 - 1160 Brussels - Room: 0/S1
The main objective of the FIRE Forum is to share and exchange information between the FIRE constituencies and other initiatives and organisations regarding the involvement of other communities in experimental testing and piloting to see how FIRE can adapt and evolve and to foster collaboration. This would include ground-breaking research as well as technically mature piloting for close-to-market products, applications or services Read more
The iMobility Challenge presented intelligent vehicle systems to policy makers and professionals from the automotive industry at the Camp Nou, the Football Club Barcelona stadium. Read more
Traffic flow monitoring and control of the use of energy indoors based on the number of people in a room. Read more
The Austrian National Library is the first library in Europe to share a collection that has been digitised as part of the Google Books project under the new rights statement. Read more
The EU-funded project meSch, Material EncounterS with digital Cultural Heritage, has the goal of designing, developing and deploying tools for the creation of tangible interactive experiences that connect the physical dimension of museums and exhibitions with relevant digital cross-media information in novel ways. Read more