Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


University Hospital Ghent, Belgium
Since 2013, key national and international organisations have been working together in the framework of the EU-funded Antilope project. They selected and defined eHealth standards and specifications. And they created, validated and disseminated a common approach for testing and certification of eHealth solutions and services in Europe. During this final conference and hand-over workshop Antilope’s key outcomes will be presented. Read more
Commission concludes that the German regulator's approach to set fixed termination rates (FTRs) does not follow the EU recommended approach and leads to competition and consumer harm. As a result, the Commission requires BNetzA to withdraw its proposal or to amend it in order to bring it in line with the Commission's guidelines. Read more
The focus of this study is to quantify the impacts of PCP procurement in Europe based on evidence from the ICT sector. Read more
This study presents a very comprehensive assessment of retail fixed broadband access prices for a variety of broadband offerings including standalone and bundled services for eight speed categories. Read more
This study monitors the progress on the broadband coverage objectives of the Digital Agenda (basic broadband access for all by 2013 and high speed broadband access with at least 30 Mbps download speed for all by 2020), i.e. the household coverage of different fixed and wireless broadband technologies with a special focus on Next Generation Access technologies. Read more
Open Innovation 2.0 is about extensive collaboration among all the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, sharing ideas, results of intellectual creativity and co-creation among all involved. Text by Dr Gohar Sargsyan, MBA Read more
The Digital Action Day took place on 29 September 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. It focused on how digital technologies are changing traditional EU industries and policy areas. This is how our OISPG rapporteur Visnja Istrat saw this year's edition of the event Read more
From 15/12/2014 to 20/02/2015
The Cloud for Europe project has announced the publication of a tender for the joint pre-commercial procurement (Joint PCP) for research and development on cloud computing services for public administrations. The purpose is to research and demonstrate solutions to overcome obstacles for the adoption of cloud computing by the public sector. Read more
UNICEF and Millicom have formally agreed to a three-year alliance to improve respect for children’s rights in the telecommunication sector. The partnership will strive for positive change within the industry through pilot implementation of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles and the UNICEF and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Guidelines for Industry on Child Online Protection. Read more
The objective of the study was to examine the potential role that commercial mobile networks – with associated economies of scale for commercial equipment (including handheld devices for end-users) – could play in ensuring the provision of mission-critical high-speed broadband communications in the following sectors in Europe: Public safety, civil protection and disaster relief (PPDR); Utilities – intelligent energy management systems and smart energy grids; Intelligent transport safety and transport management systems (ITS). Read more