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Europa-Kommissionen indsamler synspunkter om Lamy-rapportens strategiske henstillinger om en langfristet politisk strategi for den kommende brug af UHF-båndet (470-790 MHz). Den vil tage stilling til, hvordan disse henstillinger skal følges op. Read more
Evropská komise v současné době shromažďuje stanoviska ke strategickým doporučením obsaženým v Lamyho zprávě ohledně dlouhodobé politické strategie pro budoucí využívání pásma UHF (470–790 MHz). Cílem je zjistit, jak by se měla uvedená doporučení naplňovat. Read more
Европейската комисия проучва мненията за препоръките на Доклада Лами за дългосрочна стратегия за използване на дециметровия обхват (UHF) (470-790 MHz) в бъдеще. Тя иска да излезе с позиция за начините за прилагане на тези препоръки на практика. Read more
De Europese Commissie verzamelt standpunten over de strategische aanbevelingen voor een beleidsstrategie voor het toekomstige gebruik van het UHF-spectrum (470-790 MHz) (het verslag-Lamy). Zij wil graag een standpunt innemen over hoe deze aanbevelingen moeten worden uitgevoerd. Read more
Ministers for culture of all the 28 Member States of the European Union have issued a joint statement with regard to the tragic events at the Charlie Hebdo editorial office in Paris on 7 January. Read more
A new project has been established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in conjunction with global sponsors SAP, Boston College – Center for Corporate Citizenship and Enel to discover what the main issues will be in companies' agendas – and consequently in their public reports – 10 years from now. Read more
Innovative procurement is one of the pillars of our work, especially when it comes to eHealth interoperability. But what does it mean and how can you apply for funding? Read more
London (UK)
This conference will focus on the critical aspects of mainstreaming medical apps, in particular the various UK and EU regulatory issues that need managing in order to enable apps to be recommended or prescribed with confidence by clinicians. Other topics: 'Bad apps' and how to avoid them, ground-breaking medical apps, and the use of electronic games to promote health and wellbeing. Read more
This study looks at the impact of online information on patients and their decision to whether or not seek healthcare abroad. Read more
From 10/02/2015 to 12/02/2015
Cardiff (UK)
This conference gathers eHealth professionals from around the world to unite in a common goal – to accelerate developments in Digital Health through Open Innovation. Read more