Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


The European Commission has authorised the creation by Group Suez's subsidiary Ondeo and RWE's Thames Water of an online electronic exchange for the water industry. The provisionally called Water Portal will enable companies in water-related industries to reduce their procurement costs, namely by calling in bids from a wide range of suppliers. Read more
Should bosses be able to read the e-mails employees send and receive at work? Are customers who want to buy on-line confident that the personal data they give will not be used in ways they have not agreed to? Are businesses over-burdened by enquiries from people wanting access to the personal details companies hold about them? The European Commission would like to give you the opportunity to participate in this open exchange of views about the implementation of the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC). Read the press release. Read more
What regulatory lessons can be learned from the Third Generation Mobile Licensing Process in the European Union and what is its current and future impact on the Mobile Communications Sector? From mid January till mid April 2002, McKinsey & Company conducted, upon request by the European Commission, a comparative assessment of 3G licensing in the Member States of the European Union, and formulated a number of policy recommendations in view of future licensing exercises, focusing on the possible advantages of and scope for coordination and harmonization of licensing methods and conditions at the level of the European Union. This Executive Summary highlights first the policy recommendations themselves, subsequently clarifies the role of the European Union and finally summarizes the main findings of the impact of the 3G licensing process, on which the recommendations have been based. Read more
From 24/10/2002 to 25/10/2002
Hilton London Metropole Hotel
From 24/06/2002 to 25/06/2002
Palais des Congrès - Porte Maillot - Paris
First European forum on telecoms organised by Les Echo . "What does the future hold for the telecom market?". Mr Robert Verrue, Director-General of the Information Society DG will be making the opening speech at this conference. Issues discussed will include; the current status of the telecoms market in France and Europe, local loop and competition, financial strategies and broadband applications and services. Read more
Administrations in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Slovenia will be able to exchange data with EU Member States' back offices on how best to apply EU law, enforce single market rules, and supply e-Government services across borders to citizens and enterprises. Read more
The latest study from the European Commission on eGovernment in Europe shows clear progress since the last measurement in October 2001, with the availability and interactivity of public services on the Internet rising by 10 percentage points to 55%. Read the text of the study. Read more
The European Commission today launched a public consultation concerning a Recommendation on relevant product and service markets in the electronic communications sector. This Recommendation forms part of the new regulatory framework for electronic communications in Europe that will be applied by Member States from July 2003. Read more
EU citizens, businesses and governments and EU candidate countries - will see directly the benefits of this year's € 23.6 million Interchange of Data Between Administrations (IDA) workplan, approved by the European Commission on 4 June. Read more
From today, it will be easier for businesses across Europe to check the validity of their customers' VAT identification numbers on the Internet. The Commission has launched an online service which gives businesses access to certain parts of the system of electronic information exchange used between tax authorities, known as the "VAT Information Exchange System" or "VIES". Read more