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Within the framework of the @LIS programme, the European Commission signed today a € 12.5 million contract with the non-profit organisation DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe) for the creation of a Latin American intra-regional research networking infrastructure and its interconnection to the pan-European research network, GÉANT. The European Commission will finance 80% of the project, the remaining 20% coming from contributions made by the Latin American partners. Read more
Summary of Speech by Pedro de Sampaio Nunes: Director DG Information Society at the European Commission Read more
The TERENA Networking Conference 2003 together with CARnet Users’ Conference 2003 took place in Zagreb, Croatia, 19-22 May 2003. The highly successful event attracted more than 450 persons from all over the world. The TERENA Networking Conference is the largest event of its kind in Europe and gathers experts from the research networking community and related industries. In the exhibition the latest products and services from industry where presented together with the achievements and services offered by the various National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and GÉANT. Read more
As part of Europe's determined effort to tackle illegal and harmful content on the Internet and new delivery platforms such as mobile phones, a two year extension to the Safer Internet Action Plan has been adopted by the European Parliament and Council upon the proposal of the European Commission. Read more
The knowledge society is a complex phenomenon which has a pervasive impact on all aspects of human activity. This working paper in its core part analyses the knowledge society in the wider perspective of social and human capital, whose key role as mutually reinforcing factors for economic growth and cohesion, social cohesion and personal well being is highlighted by research and a series of studies, summarised in Part B of the report. Part A shows the evolving penetration and impact of_new information and communication technologies (ICT). Part C presents specific contexts in the knowledge and “networked” society where new forms and combinations of social and human capital are emerging. Read more
From 24/06/2003 to 25/06/2003
Room M6, Jean Monnet Building, Luxembourg City
"Visions of Virtual Reality and Interactive 3D in European Commission Supported Projects" Read more
From 23/06/2003 to 24/06/2003
Tech Gate, Vienna, Austria
From 06/11/2003 to 07/11/2003
Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy