Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


While electric cars are on the rise, many drivers are still concerned about running out of juice. Six partners from Germany, France, Austria and Spain have cut the consumption of electric vehicles with a new intelligent energy management and recovery system. The OpEneR team developed new functions and connected better the components and systems, allowing the driver to receive braking tips based on traffic flows and advice on the best route to limit energy use. Up to 30% of energy can be saved without losing much time on the way. The new solutions will be progressively commercialised and integrated into production of new models, making electric cars even greener. Read more
By facilitating communication and simple interactions, web Startups are creating exciting new opportunities in a range of different fields. With Wisergo, an online marketplace for customised travel packages, finding a truly authentic experience abroad has never been easier. Read more
Most foot and leg ulcers are caused by diabetes and vascular problems but an important number of them are also due to other diseases (e.g. kidney disease, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure). More than 10 million people in Europe suffer from chronic wounds, a number which is expected to grow due to the aging of the population. Read more
From 15/10/2014 to 14/04/2015
A call featuring two important topics, representing more than €100 million EU investment, will open on 15 October. Read more
30 projects were selected to receive funding under the SME Instrument - Open Disruptive Innovation (ODI) theme following the first cut-off date of Phase 1 Read more
The European Commission has just launched the FIWARE Accelerator Programme. €80 million will be awarded to SMEs, Startups and web-entrepreneurs using FIWARE Technologies. The FIWARE Accelerator is a network of European organisations which has already launched first calls for proposals earlier this month. The remaining calls will be presented in Munich on 17th & 18th September on the occasion of the European Conference on Future Internet. Read more
Amongst the many people with various different skills, it’s not always easy for companies to find exactly the person they are looking for. Slovakian Startup Inhiro comes to the rescue with its innovative HR tool. Read more
From 06/10/2014 to 07/10/2014
Lisbon, Portugal
The conference brings together actors from the world of science, industry and society and aims to take stock of European achievements in science over the past 10 years. The conference will be opened by José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission Read more
It is where we all came from and it is vital to our future, but the earth’s oceans, seas and waterways remain a mystery to us – a final frontier. The Sunrise project is at the forefront of a revolution in communications, creating an underwater ‘internet of things’, that will mobilise robots to work in groups, interacting together and passing back information to us on life underwater. Read more
From 03/12/2014 to 05/12/2014
Graz, Austria
nanoFIS 2014 addresses scientists, researchers and engineers from industry as well as academia throughout the world. Read more