Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


The European Commission will launch soon a call for tenders for a service contract of a maximum value of EUR 50 000. The purpose of this call for tenders is to develop a better understanding of the developments in mobile broadband markets by collecting price information on mobile broadband services. Read more
Grabbing a glass or typing an email: these are some everyday gestures that are not possible for people with serious physical impairments. EU-funded projects such as TOBI (Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction) are working on technologies that could greatly improve their quality of life. Brain-Computer Interaction has allowed them to regain control of paralysed limbs, surf the web and take 'virtual' walks with their thought. Read more
People with serious physical disabilities are unable to do the everyday things that most of us take for granted despite having the will – and the brainpower – to do so. This is changing thanks to European projects such as TOBI (Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction). People with limited mobility can write emails and even regain control of paralysed limbs through thought alone. Read more
The study analyses the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the Research Infrastructures (RI) component of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), assesses its European Added Value and formulates strategic and operational recommendations for future Community RI actions. Read more
Passionate about Factories of the Future? Do you want to expand your network and find out more about what the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2015 has to offer? Then come to Florence for ICT Proposers' Day 2014! Read more
From 12/08/2014 to 19/09/2014
The European Commission is launching a call for tenders for the assessment of the progress of the eHealth Action Plan in every objective in order to steer the preparation and design of the post-2015 programming period. The evaluation should contribute to the data strategy of DG CONNECT and to support the same exercise by 2020. Read more
The European Commission organised a workshop on software tools and methods, with a specific focus on software development for Cyber-Physical Systems, industrial and time-critical applications used in sectors like aerospace, automotive, transport and automation sectors. Read more
The European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation (HiPEAC) celebrated its 10th anniversary at the "Computing Systems Week" in Barcelona last May. Read more
From 12/08/2014 to 30/09/2014
Net Innovation looks into ways to accelerate new forms of Internet-based innovation throughout Europe. How can we stimulate Internet-based innovation? What are your ideas for this? What would you do if you were us? Read more
Every single minute, the world generates 1.7 million billion bytes of data, equal to 360,000 DVDs. How can our brain deal with increasingly big and complex datasets? EU researchers are developing an interactive system which not only presents data the way you like it, but also changes the presentation constantly in order to prevent brain overload. The project could enable students to study more efficiently or journalists to cross check sources more quickly. Several museums in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the United States have already showed interest in the new technology. Read more