Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


Internet use in European schools growing, but wide differences remain The European Commission today presented the findings of two Eurobarometer surveys on the use of computers and the Internet in European Union schools. Carried out between February and May 2001 as part of the eEurope Action Plan benchmarking, the findings indicate that new technologies have made significant inroads in schools in all member States, and that teachers are overwhelmingly open towards the Internet. However, there are significant discrepancies in the pace of take-up between different EU countries. Read more
Brussels, Belgium
Supported by the European Commission and the Belgian Ministry of Economics Affairs, this conference will gather specialists of cross-border dispute resolution online and different stakeholders of online dispute resolution which will ensure high level quality debate. It will also be the occasion to present in concrete how information technology is able to help to provide dispute resolution through a simulation of the ECODIR processes and platforms. Read more
The European Commission today released a new independent study on the development of broadband Internet access platforms in the European Union. According to the study, cable modem and ADSL will rapidly become the leading technologies used to access the Internet at high-speed. However, the study also emphasises that there will be considerable differences in the pace of broadband take-up between Member States. Read more
Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland
Room 1E1, European Parliament, Brussels, 6.30-8pm
The European Parliamentarians' Internet Group is holding a meeting on the protection of minors from pornography, racist and abusive content. Read more
Baltic Sea Region e-Business Forum, Riga
Frankfurt Book Fair, Europaroom Hall 4-0, 3-5pm
Representatives of the European Commission will give an overview of activities and financing possibilities in the field of digital content, also speakers representing key industry players and research, will address digital content and services for the emerging 3G mobile platform, which is one of the Call's key themes. The Call has a fund of €30 million. Read more
The Euro Info Centres' e-business campaign has just been launched. Set up as part of the "GoDigital" initiative ('Helping SMEs to go digital'), this campaign aims to provide information and practical advice to SMEs that are keen to adopt e-commerce or to those that are still ill-informed about its possibilities and mechanisms. Read more
The European Commission today adopted a Communication on improving the accessibility of public web sites. With this Communication, the Commission is supporting European Institutions and Member States in adopting and implementing guidelines which enable people with disabilities and older people to use the Internet more easily. Read more
for a study on "Comparative assessment of the licensing regimes for third generation mobile communications in the EU and of their impact on the mobile sector Read more