Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


Commission launches a series of policy recommendations to improve internet safety for citizens and businesses. You can read more on this press release in the eEurope section of this site. Read more
Paris, France
Keynote Panel on "Is Open Source Software Threatening Intellectual Property?" addresses the difference between GPL and Microsoft Shared Source strategy, security risks and software instability issues of open source software. This Event will also take place in Brussels on the 14 th of June. Read more
From 17/10/2001 to 20/10/2001
Berlin, Germany
From 11/06/2001 to 16/06/2001
Scotland, UK
Over 130 events being held all over Scotland to help SME's Read more
On June 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. (CET) David Byrne, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, and Franz Fischler, Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural development and Fisheries, invite you to take part in a live Internet chat. Read more
From 12/09/2001 to 14/09/2001
Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland
The 8th European Assembly on New Ways to Work Read more
From 31/05/2001 to 01/06/2001
Svenska Massan Conference Centre, Goteborg, Sweden
The 6th Framework progamme is on schedule for launch in 2002 thanks to the approval of 5 new research programme proposals by the European Commission. Read more
European Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Ass, Helsinki
The European Commission has delivered on it's promise to promote safer use of the internet with a new website: Read more