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  • Projects news & results: A smartphone app to travel smarter
    Fancy a quick game of Flappy Bird while you’re stuck in a traffic jam? There could be a smarter way to use your smartphone.
  • Projects news & results: Portugal ICT: Extending the Age of Discovery
    A liberal interpretation of the term 'information and communication technologies' (ICT) could easily connect some of the earliest examples to Portugal. How?
  • Projects news & results: The network of the future, beyond theory
    Nearly a decade ago, as the internet began to morph from a web of information into a web of connected people and things, European researchers saw not only theoretical possibilities but a chance to rei
  • Projects news & results: A boost to your mobile signal
    When using your mobile phone, it doesn't take much to lose that precious signal — just turning a corner or riding on a train can be enough.