Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Raising Venture Capital's competence in web businesses in EU

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As part of the Startup Europe Initiative, the European Commission has started a European network of investing organisations with interest in web startups aiming at increasing the amount of venture capital invested in web startups in the EU.

Key results:

• Collecting and creating digital materials to generate awareness among investors of the web business opportunities in Europe,

• Developing a website to facilitate the understanding of the specific characteristics of web-entrepreneurship and disseminate relevant materials and findings towards investors,

• Researching current allocation of early-stage and growth capital in Europe and providing recommendations to improve the situation and foster emerging startups from across the continent,

• Making recommendations (validated and agreed with the active web VC community) to increase the amount of venture capital investing in web startups in Europe and to widen their geographical availability.

Last updated on 23/02/2015